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Who Is Robert Baer?

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Video Game History

With video game playing all around us, take a moment to share this post with your children.

Let them learn about the inventor of the home video game system, Robert Baer, who recently passed away.

Help your children see the use of science, computers, math, engineering & art, and appreciate that video games/systems are part of history!

GameSpot Shares This Quote

“Had I listened to all those people 40 years ago who were telling me to stop the nonsense or made remarks like ‘are you still screwing around with this stuff?’ and hadn’t proceeded, we might all not be here today…Certainly things might have been different.” Robert Baer

Your Child’s Interests

If your child is interested in the “world of video games“, s/he can explore how to earn a college (undergraduate and/or graduate) degree in many of the areas involved in video game development!

You can read the full HuffPost article, Ralph H. Baer, ‘Father Of Home Video Games,’ Dead At 92, here.