Introducing:YaYa’s in the Kitchen

Introducing:YaYa’s in the Kitchen

Introducing YaYa’s in the Kitchen

YaYa, that’s me! No, I am not Greek, but when choosing a name of endearment for our extended family’s grandbabies to call me, I knew YaYa was perfect.

Then through the natural progression of my professional work in my pediatric Speech-Language Pathology practice at Children’s Communication Center with children experiencing a wide range of communication challenges, I found that YaYa was perfect for them to use too.

Really, who can say, Miss Lori or Mrs. Grayson?! Too many r, l, and s sounds!

Now, for the “in the Kitchen” part, at the request of many friends and family, I will be sharing recipes which you can easily prepare with your grand/children (no minimum age requirement), can be made with minimal supervision depending on each child’s age & “kitchen” experience, or if you are “sans” children, just for you!

I have been baking & cooking, well let’s just say, for a long time. And I have incorporated this into my Speech-Language Pathology services since my early years as an SLP.

Join me as we share adventures with our children, chatting and cooking!

Lori (YaYa)

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