The Silent Child & Selective Mutism

The Silent Child & Selective Mutism

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Selective Mutism affects at least one child in every elementary school, usually begins between the ages of 3 to 5, and can impede academic achievement. It may restrict social communication interaction, thereby, leaving the child isolated from peers and limiting opportunities for childhood events, such as playground play or birthday parties. NEW intensive week-long programs are now available and in addition to the Child Mind Institute’s Brave Buddies program highlighted in the post, there is one at the Florida International University’s Center for Children and Families in Miami, Florida. ~ During my SLP career, I have had the opportunity to successfully work with young children experiencing selective mutism. Please learn more and seek early identification and intervention if you suspect your child is experiencing any communication challenges. Lori 

For more information on the programs at Child Mind Institute or Florida International University read more here:

For information in your local area, contact your primary care physician to begin exploring the best route for your child. 

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