Good-Bye, FSU Summer Volunteers

Good-Bye, FSU Summer Volunteers

Where did the summer go? It seems that Haley, Hope, and Samantha were just welcomed as volunteers for this summer to shadow Lori Savage Grayson.

FSU Summer 2016 Volunteers: L to R: Hope, Samantha & Haley

FSU Summer 2016 Volunteers: L to R: Hope, Samantha & Haley

We thought it would be fun to share some of the activities they were able to observe as this Center‘s friends worked to make improvements and progress on their speech articulation, oral language, written language, and social communication skills.

Photo.Firetruck storyboard

Story Development: Topic, Main Idea, Details & Dialogues ~ Photo: CCC


Social Communication Interaction & Expressive Oral Language: Turn taking, cooperative problem solving & sharing how to play through organized thought formulation. Photo: CCC


Symbolic Play through Constructive Play ~ Photo: CCC

Photo.Origami dogs

Social Communication, Pragmatic Language & Expressive Oral Language through Art ~ Photo: CCC

Photo.Planting seeds

Receptive & Expressive Oral Language, Social Communication and Pragmatic Language through Science! Photo: CCC

Photo.Reading Match

Sight word development through oral and written language with all things “airport”! Photo: CCC

Photo.Story development

Social Communication, Expressive Oral Language and Pragmatic Language through the flexibility of expanding and using magnetic puzzles as the foundation for story development. Photo: CCC


Social Communication and Expressive Oral Language through the game’s engineering challenge requiring flexible thinking, problem solving and team work. Photo:CCC

We are glad you were able to join us and look forward to watching you travel toward entering the SLP field.

Thank you for being part of the CCC Family!

NOTE: Our “materials & tools” pictured here include: Jenga, Melissa & Doug Sticker Pads, Magnetic Puzzles, and Suspend game, as well as, an unlabeled set of “bristle type” blocks.

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