A Day in the Life of This SLP: Hurricane Hermine

A Day in the Life of This SLP: Hurricane Hermine

We are grateful as we know from experience how fortunate we are today. We dealt with significant property damage from the 1995 Veterans Day “tornado” during the winter with two very young children and few contractors available due to extensive damage in and around Tallahassee. Then again, in a different house TS Faye 2008 entered the picture leaving floods, wind damage, and more to many, including us.

Rainy windshield

Sadly, many families remain affected by Hurricane Hermine and await power or are busy cleaning and regaining their footing. And, Hermine continues to churn in the Atlantic near our northeastern friends and family.

We know how tired, hot, and overwhelming the storm recovery process can be, so please do not hesitate to reach out to your friends, your family, your neighbors, and local agencies.

It is wonderful to see those who can offer assistance sharing their homes for a cool reprieve, a place to charge electronics, do laundry, share a meal, shower, rest and have company.  Let’s continue these efforts!

As most of us have noted, the recovery process does not occur quickly, and for those with property damage, these days are the early stages of a longer process.

While writing this post, I realized that our recovery from weather events was similar to how I spend my days with my “friends” as we walk through their Speech-Language Pathology goals and objectives.

Focus on small steps of success with a plan for the “big picture” which will come together in time.

No, it will (probably) not be quick or easy, but it will be (absolutely) worth all the effort in the end.


Throughout Hurricane Hermine, this Center’s Facebook page was designated as a gateway to information which is available should you want to search for specific topics or links.

Today, in an effort to help our communities, I am in the process of comprising a list of contacts which may be useful during this recovery time from Hurricane Hermine.

City of Tallahassee/Leon County:

City of Tallahassee

City of Tallahassee HERMINE RESPONSE 

City of Tallahassee Police

City of Tallahassee Utilities 

Leroy Collins Leon County Public Library

Leon County


Leon County Schools

Leon County Sheriff’s Office

Office of the Mayor, Tallahassee 

Talquin Electric

Talquin Electric HERMINE information

Red Cross


Florida State Agencies:

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Department of Children and Families 

Department of Children and Families DISASTER SERVICES 

Department of Health

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Florida Office of the Attorney General

Florida Office of the Attorney General CONSUMER PROTECTION GUIDE

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation CONSUMER RESOURCES

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation FLOOD INSURANCE 

Our Children:

After the Storm Workbook from Smithsonian Magazine 

Children and Family Resources  from Disater Assistance.gov

Helping Children Cope  from Ready.Gov

Hurricanes  from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network 

Hurricane Tips for Parents: How to Help Kids  from Save the Children


Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Service Center 

Tallahassee Leon County Lost and Found Pets

Leon County Humane Society


Food Safety 

Mark Yourself Safe on Facebook 

WCTV Road Closures

U.S. Government Agencies:

National Hurricane Center: NOAA

Federal Emergency Management Agency: FEMA

FEMA Apply for Assistance 

FEMA Disaster Assistance

U.S. Small Business Administration: SBA

Florida Small Business DISASTER LOAN

This is a limited start to our list. Please contact this Center if you have other resource information which should be added to make this more complete.

Thank you!

A grateful day in the life of This SLP,


UPDATE: New links from 2017

Evacuation suggestions

The Autism Helper video download for families of Houston, but surely useful for children & families in other areas.

How to prepare by the Miami Herald.

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