A Day in the Life of This SLP: Reflective

A Day in the Life of This SLP: Reflective

This morning a Facebook memory appeared as I scrolled through my news feed.

It was a post from 2013 in which I was tagged by a friend.

At the time, I was working with her 18 month old who was not yet talking. 

September 20, 2013: “Pretty exciting stuff happening in (our) house…we went from virtually no words and minimal imitation less than a month ago to 7 words in context and lots of imitation! Yay!! We definitely have lots to celebrate! Thank you to Lori and the Children’s Communication Center, Inc., Tallahassee, FL for all of your help! Can’t wait to see all the development that comes in the next few months.”

As the story goes, this child has blossomed and luckily, I see him often.

In July, 2015 my friend was three years old…And, we had this conversation:

Friend: “YaYa, look at my puzzle!”

Me: ” I see it, it’s a world puzzle and here is Tallahassee.”

Friend: “No YaYa, that’s not Tallahassee, it’s Florida!”

Yes, I smiled and gave him a hug!

He still gives me hugs and continues to call me YaYa!

He fills my heart with joy and my ears with wonderfully complex thoughts!

Today, when I saw my Facebook memory, I sent my friend a message to share the memory and ask her to describe him today.

And, this is what she replied.

 September 20, 2016: “Update would be that he talks in complete sentences and continually gets compliments for how many words he knows and how he can hold extensive conversation with adults and others so easily. He asks 10,000 questions a day and is always learning more language to add.”

To which I responded, “You did sign the “talks too much” waiver, right? 🙂

And she replied, “😂😂😂 yes…I would take it any day!”


A reflective day in the life of This SLP,


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