Video Games & Swallowing Disorders

Video Games & Swallowing Disorders

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“One in 25 U.S. adults will experience a swallowing problem each year and almost 60,000 people die each year because of complications from problems swallowing.”

Video Games and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)

Video games offer a wide range of benefits which Speech-Language Pathologists can include in their professional services.

This Baltimore Sun article,  focuses on the use of video games to help treat people with swallowing disorders.

At Children’s Communication Center, we use video games with our patients for their language, literacy, learning, and related SLP needs.

My first Nintendo box of goodies!

We continue to be in our “testing” phase to determine the benefits of video game play as an additional tool in our therapeutic sessions in the future.

Thank you, The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for sharing!

Personal Mom SLP Message

As a Speech-Language Pathologist whose son, Adam Grayson, is a Technical Artist & earned his MS in Interactive Entertainment from the University of Central Florida’s  Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, this story brings me joy!

Double joy as Zachary Grayson, our younger son, completes his undergraduate studies in the area of Human Communications at UCF and is our Social Media Adviser.

Thank you, Adam and Zachary, for your technical advising!