When I Was A Child, I Stuttered…

When I Was A Child, I Stuttered…

A true story…

“When I was a child, I stuttered….I was very shy…very quiet…I don’t remember ever speaking, actually.

Yet in school, I was always put into advanced learning situations. (Yes, even in the 1950’s, there were good things going on in education in the San Francisco area! LOL). One day, in the fourth grade, the principal came to my classroom and told me that I would be seeing a therapist once a week for my stuttering.

The most amazing reaction–I didn’t know I stuttered! I was stunned! How can that be? It was such a poignant moment; I still remember where in the classroom I was, what the weather was like that day….

At any rate, I met once a week with this wonderful man; he taught me to play chess. So my therapy sessions were also chess sessions! He guided me through different stages of working with the difficulty…It was particularly embarrassing situation since my name began with a letter of the alphabet I couldn’t “get out.” The techniques he taught me carried me through several more years so that when I reached high school, I no longer stuttered.

I am ever grateful to that kind, gentle man….and remarkably to me…most of my adult career life involved teaching and speaking in front of large groups of people!”

This was originally shared by a friend of a friend when she added this as a visitor’s post on the Center’s Facebook page (June 2015). Thank you, BASG for telling your story!

Children’s Communication Center serves children through adults experiencing challenges with fluency disorders, often described as stuttering. Ms. Grayson is listed with the Stuttering Foundation’s Referral List.

Also, those with fluency challenges not related to a disorder, might be helped by our Corporate Speech & Communication Services focusing on the skills of public speaking.

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