Community Partner Share: Storyteller, Shelley Harshbarger

Community Partner Share: Storyteller, Shelley Harshbarger


Each month this Center chooses a Community Partner Share highlighting a small local, but large at heart, person exemplifying passion for his/her craft, family, friends and community. Because we can relate!

As the Take Your Parents to the Playground Day! event was at its infancy, the importance of including a storyteller was never in doubt!

And, because this is Tallahassee, where everyone knows everyone, or someone who can introduce you, I thought of Shelley. You see, we go back to our days in the Leon County School System.

It’s been some years, but recently (before this planning began) we reconnected on social media and here we are…

Shelley has been a professional storyteller since 1983, telling stories regionally and nationally, including as a featured storyteller at the Florida Folk Festival, the National Storytelling Festival, the Olde Christmas Festival and the Florida Storytellers’Guild, among others.

She is best known for her pockets full of hand-crafted finger puppets and “rap-style” fairy tales.

The connection to this event and Shelley’s talents is obvious to us, but maybe not to all, so here I share a 2001 article, which she co-authored, relating storytelling to language and literacy!

Those attending the Take Your Parents to the Playground Day! event will enjoy listening to Shelley as she spins creative tales opening and expanding your imaginations!

This Center’s focus on Language, Literacy & Learning features the dedication of three Little Free Library units for parents, children & families, activities, bakery treats & playground fun!

Other Community Partners for our Take Your Parents to the Playground Day! event include, Willie Brown, Loalani ‘Q’ Green, and Peter Koenig.

An exciting (many) days in the life of This SLP,