Why Did You Create Little Ones Rock?

Why Did You Create Little Ones Rock?

The Little Free Library Started It All…

On June 4, 2017, my pediatric Speech-Language Pathology private practice, Children’s Communication Center (CCC), donated and dedicated three Little Free Library (LFL) units to the children, parents, and community to highlight the joys of experiencing  language, literacy & learning as a family.

We hosted a Take Your Parents to the Playground Day event, stocked the libraries with books for all ages, collected and donated books to our local Guardian ad Litem program, and celebrated with the community.


June 4, 2017: Dedicating the Children’s Communication Center Little Free Library. Photo: CCC/LSG

Daily, we filled it and it quickly emptied. It was immediately spotted by children on the playground. We smiled & watched little ones asked to use their parent’s phone to take a picture of the LFL.

We knew once it was established the Sharing would increase, but at the time it was mostly Borrowing.

On June 25th, three weeks later, we went to add books, and this happened…

We visited the libraries and found a gifted heart rock in our libraries. It was exactly three weeks since the libraries were established.

Thank you for our heart rock you gifted our LFL. Photo: CCC/ASG

Shortly after, we (my husband, Andrew and I) decided to join the Tallahassee Rocks Facebook Group and began painting rocks.

July 4, 2017: Our First Rocks for TLHrocks!

One night, a little rock presented itself to me and I painted this…

#BeBRAVE little one Photo: CCC/LSG

And that blossomed into an idea for the little ones I work with during Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) sessions. Now, many of my SLP “little ones” are young adults, but they are in fact, someone’s little one!

What would you say…

I would ask my SLP friends to fill in this blank, “If you could tell your friend who is having a not so great day/a rough day/an unhappy day, “be ______”, how would you fill in the blank? How would you help them feel better? What would you want someone to say to you?

Next, I asked parents a similar question. Then I messaged friends and family and asked them to do the same mentioning I had a project pending.

Hundreds of words poured in…

The results were amazing. Hundreds of words poured into my FB messenger and text message bubbles. I received emails, comments on my CCC page, and more.

It was clear that this question touched the core of each of those responding…

And it was then that I knew this #LittleOnesRock campaign was heading forward into an event!

Everything needed for beginning our #BeRocks from #AtoZ for our #BacktoSchool transition! Photo: CCC/LSG

To learn more about the event, how you can participate, what to do when you find a rock, and how we will Thank You for sharing your found rock/s , be sure to read:

#ChildrensCommunication #BeRocks #AtoZ #BacktoSchool

A little ones rock day in the life of This SLP,


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