Where Are All Our Friends?

Where Are All Our Friends?

It is Too Quiet Here Today!

Mom is trying to keep us entertained, but it is too quiet here today!

She keeps talking about Spring Break?

Grace Callie “Gracie”

First of all, it is too cold for me to swim, so it must be winter!

So, it shouldn’t be Spring Break

Gracie says it’s too cold even though it’s Spring Break! Photo: CCC/LSG


Second, I do not see many squirrels in the yard, so it must still be winter!

So, it shouldn’t be Spring Break

Max asks Dad, “Where are the squirrels?” Photo: CCC/LSG


Third, the floor is too cold and the couch is extra comfy, so it must still be winter!

So, it shouldn’t be Spring Break

The couch is extra comfy! Photo: CCC/LSG

Missing our SLP friends!

Mom, we can’t wait to get back to work helping you with your Speech-Language Pathology friends!

Where are all our SLP friends? Photo: CCC/LSG

Okay, okay, enjoy your Spring Break, we will be waiting for you!

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When you are not on vacation, you can find us at Children’s Communication Center with our Mom, Lori.

Special Messages From Us

Please learn more about pet adoption! We were all adopted and we couldn’t be happier. Check with your local rescue groups, local shelters, local Humane Society, your friends or vet, and the many pet search sites like Petfinder or other reputable sites.

Learn more about how dogs can help people here.

Barks & Kisses,

Sora, Max, and Gracie