Fabulous Family Fun #2 (Hint: Chocolate is involved)

Fabulous Family Fun #2 (Hint: Chocolate is involved)

25 Family Activities Celebrating 25 Years! 

We are celebrating with you and sharing 25 activities enjoyed by our families over the past 25 years.

We all know that summer requires shade and indoor options, but most of the activities can be adapted to year round fun!

Edible Kitchen Science! 

YaYa’s in the Kitchen creating chocolate chip brownies with fresh organic raspberries and local organic blueberries from Green Meadows Farm (GMF).

YaYa and YoYo were in the blueberry fields on opening day 2019 at GMF.

Since many families have a favorite brownie recipe or mix, use what you prefer or try a new recipe. Then, add 1 cup of fresh berries and fold them gently into your batter.

YES, YaYa also added 1/2 cup of chocolate chips!

You can use one berry or any combination that works for your family. If you choose strawberries or blackberries, you may want to slice or quarter them.

We suggest that you allow your little ones choose the type of berries and the topping.

Today, YaYa sprinkled the top of the batter with sliced almonds before baking. But, you can stir nuts into the batter or omit nuts if that is not your “thing”.

Be sure to visit YaYa’s other recipes for more family baking fun!

Do You Have Concerns?

If you have a specific speech, languageliteracy, communication or social skills concern, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Director, Lori Savage Grayson, will be glad to speak with you and answer your questions about how Speech-Language Pathology services with Children’s Communication Center might benefit your family.

NOTE: These family activity posts are meant to show that daily activities are beneficial to the development of SLP and related skills. However, the posts are not intended to replace SLP or other professional services.