A Day in the Life of This SLP: Gratitude is Mutual

A Day in the Life of This SLP: Gratitude is Mutual

Twenty Years Ago

You entered my office with your parents as an adorable 18 month old toddler…and we began our work together!

Your family and I have remained friends. I’ve kept up with your school progress, cheered when you started college, and look forward to following your professional journey.

Zoom Forward Twenty Years

Twenty years later you decide to write me a Thank You note and send me sweet treats.

Today is July 3, 2020. There is a knock on our door and a masked man (thank you) is standing in our driveway. My husband answers the door and returns with a note card and frozen cookies?!

It was not until I opened the package that I realized that the masked man was your Dad serving as the delivery man too.

Now, these are not any ordinary treats, they are Halfies Cookies from New York which I know sell out by noon each day. Leave it to you, my 21 year old friend, to figure out how to order them successfully!

YaYa’s in the Kitchen receives Halfies Cookies!

The Thank You Note

While reading your note, I become teary eyed realizing that this Thank You note is not only from your 21 year old self, but more importantly from your toddler self. [This SLP then grabs the whole box of tissues.]

Special delivery is an understatement!

Each day, I realize that I am beyond fortunate to have many life-long relationships with the little ones and families who first, chose me as their Speech-Language Pathologist, and soon thereafter, chose me as their friend.

Gratitude Is Mutual

So dear friend, thank you for the delicious cookies, but more importantly, thank you for taking the time to think of me twenty years later. You are a perfect example of why I say, Little Ones Rock!

Today, you reminded me that gratitude is mutual!

A day in the life of this SLP,


P.S. Please check back in with me before 2040!