Children’s Communication Center


This Center was founded by Lori Savage Grayson, MMSc, CCC-SLP in 1993. Under the direction & ownership of Ms. Grayson, this Center provides comprehensive Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) services to the young pediatric and adolescent populations with a special focus on determining each child’s communicative needs and the best avenue(s) for improving their speech-language-learning-communication skills. This Center expanded its SLP services to better meet the community’s needs by serving older teens and adults since 1994, including the Corporate Speech & Communication Services for those who seek to improve their communication skills, without a communicative disorder.

CONSULTATION/PREVENTION:   Sharing developmental guidelines with parents, family members, health care and education professionals with regard to expected speech-language-hearing-communication developmental milestones and red flag alerts is a major priority of this Center. Consultation services are offered to families, healthcare and education professionals.

DIAGNOSTIC EVALUATIONS:  This includes an evaluation of the area(s) of concern including, but not limited to, speech articulation, phonologic processes, oral language, language-learning, written language (reading, spelling, writing), auditory perceptual/processing, fluency, voice, oral-motor function (including tongue thrust), social communication-interaction, and overall communication skills. A complete medical, developmental, social, behavioral and educational history is obtained allowing for a complete profile of the child’s overall development.

INTERVENTION:  The diagnostic findings and communicative needs determine the recommended goals, objectives and intervention schedule for each child/family and adult.  This Center emphasizes the importance of each person achieving an avenue for successful and effective communication.  SLP Intervention is provided in the environments which are deemed to be the most appropriate for each child/family. Therefore, combinations of environments are encouraged, natural environments, not exclusive to one’s home or school, but a combination as appropriate, including this Center’s home-based practice.

STAFF CREDENTIALS:  All professionals providing services with this Center hold their Master’s Degree, Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and are licensed by the State of Florida to practice in the field of Speech-Language Pathology.  All Clinical Fellowship Candidates, SLP graduate students, or SLP Assistants are supervised in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of ASHA and the State of Florida. All professionals required to hold an occupational license are in compliance with the city and/or county requirements.

FAMILY EDUCATION:  Family education and involvement are integral aspects of the intervention process and emphasized at all times.  Families are included during the intervention process, as appropriate, with home programs developed in conjunction with the intervention program.  This further facilitates the child’s communication development.  Additionally, this Center offers paired parent support to assist each family in the education process.  Educational references are available through this Center’s reading list, on-line links, and suggestions for educational “toys” since all children “learn through play”.

 COMMUNICATION THROUGHOUT LIFE:  Since social interaction, behavior, academic performance, professional success, and self-esteem are interwoven with speech-language-learning-communication skills, it is imperative to successfully target each person’s needs to allow for maximum improvement.  It is the philosophy of this Center that all children, adolescents, adults and their families deserve the best opportunity for the development and continuance of effective communication. Additionally, this Center believes that no child is too young, an adult too old, or a concern too small, that an evaluation or consultation would not be beneficial if a Speech-Language Pathology or related problem appears present.”

INSURANCE:  Each insurance policy differs with regard to coverage for SLP Services.  This Center will assist each family to verify coverage & provide information regarding other possible funding sources.  However, this Center does not file insurance and its financial policy requires payment at the start of each month of service. Please see the Financial Policy and Service Agreement for details. 

 REFERRALS:  Referrals by health care and educational professionals are accepted as are self-referrals.  While this Center was established to serve young children, referrals for adolescents and young/adults and are available, including services for accent modification, voice improvement, public speaking, and overall communication skills.


































































































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