Diagnostic Evaluations

DIAGNOSTIC EVALUATIONS:  This Center offers comprehensive SLP evaluations in the area(s) of concern including, but not limited to, speech articulation, phonologic processes, oral receptive and expressive language, language-learning, written language (reading, spelling, writing), auditory perceptual/processing, fluency, voice, oral-motor function (including tongue thrust), social communication interaction, and overall communication skills.

SCREENINGS: After years and years of providing hundreds and hundreds of SLP screenings throughout Tallahassee and surrounding counties, this Center has discontinued screenings. Why? Because, screenings are a tool to be used  to identify children who no one has previously identified. But, in turn, what happens is the children who are registered to be screened (due to concerns by parents or teachers) have already been identified through the parental and/or teacher concerns and would benefit from an SLP Evaluation, not a screening.


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