Child – Parent “Show & Tell Group: Sign Language & More

Website.Jude.Cake.“Show & Tell” allows parents and their children, (infants, toddlers & preschoolers), to participate with Lori Savage Grayson who facilitates & teaches early language and social communication interaction skills through various activities.  Children and parents are introduced to natural gestures, sign language (Signing Exact English, SEE) & social communication interaction in a casual group setting.  As an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist, Ms. Grayson is well versed in the understanding and use of SEE along with natural gestures and social communication activities. She has successfully taught these skills to hearing children & their families since 1979.

Q: Will sign language delay my child’s speech?

A: No, on the contrary, sign language does NOT delay your child’s speech, rather it facilitates the development of your child’s early language and communication leading to those long-awaited “first words”.  AND, yes, talking (oral language) is always used in conjunction with the gestural language.

Q: Why should we participate in “Show & Tell”?

A: Language develops first with Gestural (natural gestures or signs), second with Oral (listening/understanding & speaking) and then with Written Language (reading & writing). By joining a group such as “Show & Tell” your child will learn natural gestures & signs allowing for the most effective communication, less frustration and establish critical social and cognitive skills. Since gestures and signs are easier to process they facilitate learning when used with spoken language by allowing your child to use their visual, auditory and motor systems…which in turn yields faster learning. In addition, gestures and signs are typically easier to produce (with large muscles) than words which require fine motor precision.

Q: What is Signing Exact English (sometimes referred to as Signed Exact English) & why is it used by Ms. Grayson?

A: Signing Exact English (SEE) is a system which communicates and mirrors English through signs and fingerspelling* while having the flexibility to follow English grammar and represent expressive oral language more precisely through the clarity of the signs. Whereas, American Sign Language (ASL) was developed and used primarily by those who are deaf/hearing impaired and is considered its own language with its own vocabulary and grammar, and often differs with English. SEE allows each child to learn the vocabulary & grammar which corresponds best with English and the rules which govern it.  * For this group’s purpose, fingerspelling may be introduced to the toddler and preschoolers to familiarize them with the alphabet but will not be used to “spell” words.

Q: How are the sessions/groups scheduled?

A: The groups are organized by this Center but offered in the natural environment, typically at a home of a host family, a childcare home/facility, or another appropriate setting. There are groups for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, all which are kept small to allow families the best opportunity for a positive experience. NOTE: Individual family plans can be arranged.

Q: How many sessions are there?

A: The beginning & introductory group is a 4-week program scheduled each week for a month. Our monthly group will meet weekly, typically on Saturday mornings or other agreed upon times. The group is typically 45 minutes in length with time to socialize before and after, so plan for an hour.  This Center also offers a continuing group for those who want to further develop their family’s “skills”. The continuing groups are 12 – 14 weeks and begin each January.

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