Our Little Ones Rock Finale

Back to School, College Edition: Amazing Research at UCF and FSU

With younger students returning to school, our older “children” return to the universities and colleges for another year as well.

During these first weeks, we hear outstanding news from two Florida universities related to break through health discoveries.

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Back to School: “Whaat’s for lunch today?!”

The countdown continues and many of you have successfully made it through the first week of 2016’s school year.

Now that the supplies have been purchased and a week’s worth of lunches eaten, it may be time to rethink or expand your lunch choices. So, here we go…

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Back to School: Ready, Set, Go…Transition Time

Is it time for your mornings to convert back to the wee hours of the early dawn for greeting your child or teen and heading out the door to arrive before the school bell rings?

YES?! Then read on.

If not yet, then bookmark this for later this summer.

Children’s Communication Center and this Center’s Director and Founder, Lori Savage Grayson, are sharing suggestions to help each family transition from the carefree summer routines back to the more scheduled school routines with less stress and more success! 

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