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A Childhood Dream Becomes Reality

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YES, You Can Be Successful At What You Love To Do!

Our son, Adam, with his BFA from the University of Florida in Digital Media and MS in Interactive Entertainment from UCF Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, is working as a Technical Environmental Artist with his colleagues at 343 Industries, and proudly presents HALO 5.

Adam was this Center’s first Technical Adviser & continues to offer his assistance from the West Coast.

What an accomplishment!

Our Children’s Dreams

NOW, I realize this game is controversial for many families, and it is the first in the series to earn a T- Teen rating (not M-Mature), but THIS post is about our children’s DREAMS that come to fruition through years of hard work and dedication, not about who should or shouldn’t play the game, AND about the pride and joy parents feel for such achievements.


If you are interested in learning about video games which are appropriate for your child, please contact us and we will share based on the factors which would be beneficial for your child.

A special thanks to Adam’s early mentors, Chris Wenneman and Carl Owenby!