SLP Telepractice Benefits

SLP Telepractice Benefits

And so it began…

The plan was to initiate our Telepractice in May 2020 in conjunction with May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month. However, due to COVID-19 this Center implemented full time Telepractice services for our Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) private practice in March 2020. Our SLP Telepractice benefits were evident almost immediately.

Children's Communication Center's Speech-Language Pathology Telepractice services.
The start of another SLP Telepractice day!

With COVID-19 variants affecting our communities, this Center continues to offer services through our highly successful Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) Telepractice. However, as you will read, the SLP Telepractice benefits go far beyond health concerns.

Testimonials: Wondering what our parents say…

Flexibility is one of the SLP Telepractice benefits!

“Children’s Communication Center’s SLP Telepractice services increase the  flexibility of where and when our child receives SLP sessions.” ~ Parent of a 3 year old

“Telepractice has been so amazing for our family!!! [It] gives us just that much more freedom to have speech wherever we want!!” ~ Parent of a 5 year old

“After a full day of school, there is no need to rush to yet another appointment and wait for the session to end with siblings. This has been a life saver for our family’s busy lifestyle!” ~ Parent of a 12 year old

“My child can still be in pajamas for the meeting and can pick different rooms in our home as the “office”, even the pop-up tent!”~ Parent of a 4 year old 

SLP Telepractice has been amazing for our family! Texted to our Center by one of our Moms.
Flexibility of where and when our child can receive SLP Telepractice services is awesome!”

Ease of scheduling provides SLP Telepractice benefits!

“If we have a family scheduling conflict, it is easier to reschedule our child’s appointment which means my child’s SLP Plan of Care stays in effect and no appointments are missed!” ~ Parent of a 3 year old

“I can run errands and my child can meet in the car which is fabulous for our busy schedule!” ~ Parent of a 5 year old

“Now, there is not need to reschedule because the school bus is late, a sibling is sick, or we are running late, which means my child’s SLP services are consistent which we all know is important for progress!” ~ Parent of a 7 year old

“We are able to travel without missing a session (as long as we are Florida) and this allows us to travel without missing an appointment.” ~ Parent of a 3 year old

Increased parent & family involvement offers SLP Telepractice benefits!

“Telepractice services increases the ease of listening, watching and being included in my child’s SLP sessions. Yes, we were able to observe previously, but this is even more personal because we are in our home environment.” ~ Parent of a 5 year old

“Our SLP Telepractice sessions offer us increased opportunities for parent learning with real-time parent training. I can ask a questions in the moment and learn a better approach right then and there!” ~ Parent of a 4 year old

SLP Telepractice services increases parent and family participation improving the Home Program!
Creating & sharing a ‘taste’ of a new food combo with the SLP while
including Mom & sibling in our Telepractice session!

“We have been able to involve siblings, our extended family, and nanny in our child’s SLP Telepractice “meetings” which has been fabulous for our family!” ~ Parent of a 2 year old

“We are thankful because we are all benefiting from the sessions and this has improved our SLP Home Program.” ~ Parent of a 4 year old

In a word, facemasks…

Since Children’s Communication Center is a medically based practice, all children over two years of age would be required to wear a mask and SLPs would need to wear a medical grade mask, goggles, and face shield, plus physically distance from the child for in person services, but not so with our Telepractice services.  

“My child has health issues which make it challenging to wear a mask and the Telepractice allows us to continue with SLP services.” ~ Parent of an 8 year old

“Participating in our SLP Telepractice eliminates the need for my child to wear a face mask. AND, my child can see the SLP’s face, and she can she my child’s face as masks are not required.” ~ Parent of a 5 year old

SLP Telepractice allows for full visibility of the participant and the SLP increasing success.
We are thrilled that we can see each other during our SLP Telepractice!

If you know our Director, Lori Savage Grayson, you know she is an up close and personal SLP. Our Telepractice allows her to maintain her SLP style in the safest way possible and allows for maximum visibility for all of us.  

Wondering what our SLP friends think…

“Telepractice means never being late for an appointment!” ~ SLP friend, age 15 years

“I love when my sister gets to learn with me, and we can play games during my “meeting”. ~ SLP friend, age 8

“My ‘meetings’ are fun because I can still be in my pajamas and even be under the table working.” ~ SLP friend, age 3 years

“I like sharing my toys, books, and games during my sessions because it’s super fun!” ~ SLP friend, age 5 years

“Gracie, is great dog to see during my ‘meeting’. She listens when I tell her to sit, and she is learning to ‘shake’.” ~ SLP friend, age 5 years

“I love Gracie’s new ‘I Love Communicating’ bandanas. I like when she wears the red one!” ~ SLP friend, age 4 years

Gracie likes to assist during our SLP Telepractice sessions!

“I miss Ms. Grayson’s bakery treats and snacks at her office, but now Mom makes some for me at home for my ‘meeting’.” ~ SLP friend, age 5 years old

“My ‘meetings’ are special because they are just for me. I get to use the laptop like Mom and Dad!” ~ SLP friend, age 4 years old

Is telepractice effective?

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), “Telepractice has been used to evaluate and treat people of all ages. Researchers have found few differences between telepractice and in-person services…”

Telepractice is used widely with toddlers through adults for the full range of SLP & related services.

SLP Telepractice is a success!
‘Double Thumbs Up!” Our families agree that our SLP Telepractice session are successful!

Children’s Communication Center is available to families throughout the Sunshine State of Florida. We continue to serve toddlers through young adults, and this includes college students! Contact us to learn more.