Speech-Language Pathology Intervention

INTERVENTION: Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) Intervention is the third step in the process with Children’s Communication Center. First, a Consultation with Lori Savage Grayson, MMSc, CCC-SLP initiates the process, followed by the Diagnostic Evaluation and then planning for SLP Intervention begins.

Following the SLP Diagnostic Evaluation, a review of the initial impressions will be offered. If necessary, a second appointment will be scheduled to review the findings in more detail. The diagnostic findings and communicative needs determine the recommended SLP goals, objectives and SLP intervention schedule for each child/family and adult.  This Center emphasizes the importance of each person achieving an avenue for successful and effective communication.  SLP Intervention is provided in the environments which are deemed to be the most appropriate for each child/family. Therefore, combinations of environments are encouraged, natural environments, not exclusive to one’s home or school, but a combination as appropriate, including this Center’s family-friendly environment which can simulate various community settings.

Services are based on best practices and well-defined programs which are supported by valid and reliable research. Each SLP session is created to fit the needs of the individual through the appropriate styles, including but not limited to, age appropriate activities which are often “play-based”, combinations of beneficial approaches which include systematic hierarchical goals/objectives, personalized home program & family involvement.

Ms. Grayson’s 36 years of success can best be gauged by the success of those she has served as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Read more here from those who know first hand about Ms. Grayson’s SLP services. And be sure to take a minute and read this Center’s First Family Story!

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