Our Services

Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers & School Age Children

Offering comprehensive SLP services for speech, language, learning, and social communication concerns focusing on each child and family, including “Show & Tell” an early communication opportunity for child and parent(s) facilitating natural gestures, sign language & social interaction.

Tweens & Young Teens

Offering comprehensive SLP services, including a focus on language-learning skills for reading comprehension, spelling and writing, enhancing vocabulary, bolstering study and organizational skills, developing skills for success in the classroom and strengthening social interaction for positive peer relations.

Older Teens & Adults

Offering comprehensive SLP services as well as a separate services for those without a communication disorder, but with communication needs. This is offered through Corporate Speech & Communication Services and focuses on social communication interaction, interview techniques, cover letter & resume writing, accent modification public speaking and related skills.

Latest Post

Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

Children’s Communication Center is pleased to support & contribute to all the important efforts of the “Tallahassee Walk For Children With Apraxia of Speech 2015″ The walk is scheduled for this Saturday, September 26th at Lake Ella. Registration begins at 8:00 AM and the Walk begins at 10:00 AM. Contact Tabatha Rackley, Walk Coordinator @ 850.544.0216

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Common Core’s Social Communication Skills & Academic Success

Q: Can a Speech-Language Pathologist help my child with Common Core? A: Absolutely, YES! Beyond those students “typically” seen on the SLP’s schedule, all students are now faced with mastering social skills along with their academic skills. Enter the SLP who is able to facilitate & develop social communication and pragmatic language skills to allow

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Welcoming Our Volunteers!

  Welcoming Mackenzie & Dana! Lori Savage Grayson, Founder & Director of Children’s Communication Center, Inc., is thrilled to welcome two undergraduate Florida State University students who are eager to “work” at this Center as volunteers! Ms. Grayson looks forward to their time at this Center as they each pursue their interest in becoming  a pediatric Speech-Language

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Our Children May Lose Their Hearing Before Us!

This is REAL. Our children may be the first generation to lose their hearing before us, their parents! This is not new information & I have been sharing for many, many years. BUT now, it is being reported more often and with mainstream coverage! FACTS: Prolonged exposure to noises LOUDER than 85 decibels can result

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The Most Anticipated Moment…

The Most Anticipated Moment… The most anticipated moment for a parent is the sound of a child’s first words. But what if the words are delayed, jumbled or seem as if they will never come at all? Even young children should be able to communicate their needs & wants. Although the stages they pass through

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Celebrating National Dog Day!

Celebrating National Dog Day!! Children’s Communication Center, Inc. is fortunate to have three resident therapy assisting dogs-in-training. This Center and our family currently share our lives with Sora, age 9, our yellow lab, Max, age 8, our Golden Retriever, and Grace Callie “Gracie”, age 4, our Whoodle. All three joined our family from a rescue/humane society

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“No child is too young , an adult too old, or a concern too small that an evaluation or consultation would not be beneficial if a Speech-Language Pathology or related problem appears present.” LSG