Our Services

Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers & School Age Children

Offering comprehensive SLP services for speech, language, learning, and social communication concerns focusing on each child and family, including “Show & Tell” an early communication opportunity for child and parent(s) facilitating natural gestures, sign language & social interaction.

Tweens & Young Teens

Offering comprehensive SLP services, including a focus on language-learning skills for reading comprehension, spelling and writing, enhancing vocabulary, bolstering study and organizational skills, developing skills for success in the classroom and strengthening social interaction for positive peer relations.

Older Teens & Adults

Offering comprehensive SLP services as well as a separate services for those without a communication disorder, but with communication needs. This is offered through Corporate Speech & Communication Consulting and focuses on social communication interaction, interview techniques, cover letter & resume writing, accent modification public speaking and related skills.

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Introducing YaYa’s in the Kitchen

YaYa, that’s me! No, I am not Greek, but when choosing a name of endearment for our extended family’s grandbabies to call me, I knew YaYa was perfect. Then through the natural progression of my professional work with children experiencing a wide range of communication challenges, I found that YaYa was perfect for them to

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Our web page in the making

“Patience is a virtue” and one that fares well as a Speech-Langauge Pathologist where change may come slowly, but each step forward signals success.  Many parents have expressed how patient I am with their child, describing me as gleeful at the smallest step forward. Now, it is time for me to be patient as this

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The success of ‘our children’ is only possible because of the trust, respect & cooperation that we all share!