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YaYa’s in the Kitchen: YoYo’s Cinnamon Rolls

YoYo’s in the Kitchen

You know how there are mornings when you wake up and just think how wonderful it would be to have a warm ooey gooey cinnamon roll?

This is our quick version which we make with white wheat flour, less sugar, more nuts, fruit and spices with no yeast required. YUM! 

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Video Games & Swallowing Disorders

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“One in 25 U.S. adults will experience a swallowing problem each year and almost 60,000 people die each year because of complications from problems swallowing.”

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Using Apps in Communication

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Apps To Get Them Chatting 

Excerpts from an online ASHA post by Sean Sweeney, MS, MEd, CCC-SLP

Conversation is key to communication. It involves storytelling, listening and responding—skills that may be, and often are, hampered by the presence of a mobile device.
However, our devices and mobile apps can play a helpful role in visually supporting conversation through prompts, strategies and models.
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Using Video Game Designs in School

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What Happens When School Design Looks Like [Video] Game Design?

An Excerpt from Jordan Shapiro’s Article on Mind/Shift

The school “…looked very similar to any other school, EXCEPT every student seemed engaged, empowered, and motivated.

It wasn’t what I expected…There weren’t screens all over the place. No fingers pounding game controllers. I didn’t see tons of gadgets or gizmos.

But I did see a curriculum that was designed to approach from a video game perspective. The organizational structure through which material was presented was game-like… Success is a product of their to ability use complex concepts in context, not to memorize and regurgitate…”

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