Our Vision, Mission & Philosophy

logoLori Savage Grayson, Founder, Director & Owner of Children’s Communication Center, Inc. has established the following Vision, Mission & Philosophy for this Center.

OUR VISION: To provide each child, adolescent, and adult with the best opportunity to achieve his/her ultimate communication potential.

OUR MISSION: To increase awareness and understanding of communication development and disorders AND provide high quality, well managed, and professional Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) services with an emphasis on early identification and intervention of communicative needs.

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  It is the philosophy of Children’s Communication Center that all children, adolescents, adults and their families deserve the best opportunity for the development and continuance of effective & efficient communication. And that “No child is too young, an adult too old, or a concern too small that an evaluation or consultation would not be beneficial if a Speech-Language Pathology or related problem appears present.” 

**Communication for the purpose of these statements refers to any and all Speech-Language Pathology and related areas of need. Please refer to the What Does This All Mean beginning with “What is Speech? What is Language?”




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