Initial Consultation:  Our initial contact is typically a phone call where a family member is on a “fact-finding mission”. Children’s Communication Center prides itself on handling each new contact in the same manner by answering questions and sharing information regarding the specific communication concern(s).  Lori Savage Grayson, this Center’s Founder, Director & Owner, strives to ensure each family understands the importance of early identification and SLP intervention, communication milestones and then guides each person to the most appropriate SLP service provider, even if it is not Children’s Communication Center. Following the initial contact, an information packet will be provided, including the required forms to be signed, and the Diagnostic Evaluation will be scheduled. SLP Intervention services are based on the evaluation’s clinical findings and SLP recommendations which are discussed with the parent(s), family or adult client to determine the  most appropriate schedule for all involved.

Meet and Greet: Ms. Grayson offers families the opportunity to meet with her prior to scheduling a Diagnostic Evaluation. This allows for a brief meeting to “break the ice” and determine if Children’s Communication Center is the best”fit” for each family.

Second Opinion: Ms. Grayson is available to review current SLP information from other providers and discuss options available for your family member. No diagnosis can be provided without a Consultation or Evaluation with this Center, but guidance can be offered when the SLP and/or educational testing information provided is current and thorough.

IEP & Team Meetings: Ms. Grayson is available to attend IEP related meetings with written permission of the school administrator and parents.  Ms. Grayson is also available to participate in Team Meetings with families receiving private intervention services from other rehab, medical, educational or behavioral professionals. Participation in these meetings allows Ms. Grayson to share the SLP goals and objectives and develop comprehensive and cohesive plans with the other professionals involved in the care of the child, adolescent or adult and their family.

Family Education: Family education and involvement are integral aspects of the SLP process and begin with the first contact with this Center and are emphasized at all times.  Families are included during the SLP intervention process, as appropriate, with home programs developed in conjunction with the direct SLP intervention program.  This further facilitates the rate of progress.  Additionally, this Center offers paired parent support, with alumni parents, to assist each new family. This Center maintains a lending library, suggestions for on-line educational and support links, and suggestions for educational “toys” since all children “learn through play”.

Community Education: Ms. Grayson continues to serve as a guest writer, lecturer, and team panel member in a wide array of venues providing valuable SLP information to parent groups and educational or medical professionals. Ms. Grayson also serves as a career mentor for high school and college-age students interested in the field of Speech-Language Pathology.

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