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Lori Savage Grayson is this Center’s Founder, Director & Owner and has been practicing in the field of Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) since 1979.  She has extensive experience with communication development and disorders in both the clinical and educational settings.

In July 1993, Ms. Grayson founded Children’s Communication Center, Inc., offering the Tallahassee and neighboring communities high quality, well managed and professional Speech-Language Pathology Services with a special focus on the communication needs of young children and their families.  Ms. Grayson expanded this Center’s SLP services to better meet the needs of the adolescents, older teens and adults in our communities.  

CREDENTIALS:  Ms. Grayson earned her national Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) from the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in June 1980 after receiving her Master of Medical Science Degree (MMSc), completing her Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY), and passing the National Board Examination in Speech-Language Pathology.  Ms. Grayson received her State of Florida Registration in 1980 allowing her to practice Speech-Language Pathology in clinical and private settings.  This is now issued by the State of Florida’s Department of Health, and it is referred to as the Florida State License (FSL). Ms. Grayson strives for the utmost in clinical competence with all professional certifications and licenses remaining current through the attainment of the required continuing education hours, and upholding of the professional code of ethics of ASHA, FLASHA, and the State of Florida.

EDUCATION:  Ms. Grayson earned both her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (1977) and Master’s of Medical Science Degree (MMSc) in Speech-Language Pathology (1979) from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.  Her Master’s Degree was a comprehensive two-year program in Communication Disorders within the Emory University Medical School’s Department of Allied Health with a strong foundation in medical, neurodevelopmental, behavioral and educational components. While attending both undergraduate and graduate programs, Ms. Grayson participated in research with the Psychology Department both on/off campus and at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. She also volunteered at Egleston Children’s Hospital and a local private school which specialized in children with behavioral and communication difficulties. Her graduate practicum experiences included working at the Emory Rehab Hospital, Emory Fluency Clinic, Emory-affiliated Cleft Palate Clinic, Emory Language-Learning Center, VA Hospital, Atlanta public schools, and the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf.

The paths that led Ms. Grayson to establish Children’s Communication Center, Inc. for the families of Tallahassee & neighboring communities. 

JEFFERSON SPEECH AND LANGUAGE CENTER:  Ms. Grayson’s Clinical Fellowship Year was completed in 1980 at the Jefferson Speech and Language Center, Metairie, Louisiana.  This private practice focused on providing diagnostic and intervention SLP services to children and adults experiencing a wide range of speech-language-learning-communication disorders.

MIAMI CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL:  In April 1980, Ms. Grayson returned home to Miami, Florida and worked as a Staff SLP at Miami Children’s Hospital for more than four years.  This clinical experience allowed Ms. Grayson to develop specialized skills serving the infants to young adult populations with a strong emphasis on the toddler through the school-age child.  Her training supported awareness of the total child and family with a focus on the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. Ms. Grayson served as a member of the Multidisciplinary Team and provided in-service training and consultant services to physicians, residents, nurses, other health professionals, educational professionals, and parents. Ms. Grayson began her mentoring experience with the supervision of a Clinical Fellow while working at MCH.

THOMASVILLE CITY SCHOOLS:  In August 1984, Ms. Grayson and her husband, Andrew, relocated to Tallahassee, Florida.  Upon moving to this area, Ms. Grayson was employed by the Thomasville City Schools.  She was specifically hired to begin the SLP Program for the Kindergarten students, and during the second year, Ms. Grayson began serving children at several elementary schools in the Thomasville community.

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY: During the Summer of 1986, Ms. Grayson served as a Clinical Supervisor to graduate students majoring in Speech-Language Pathology by offering assistance & supervision in the students’ planning and management of SLP services to patients with communicative disorders.

JOHN D. ARCHBOLD HOSPITAL:  In September 1986, Ms. Grayson accepted a solo SLP position with John D. Archbold Hospital, Thomasville, Georgia.  At that time, the SLP services were limited to adult inpatients.  Ms. Grayson saw this as a professional challenge  and sought to develop a comprehensive SLP Program.  Within one year, Ms. Grayson was promoted to Chief SLP. Under her guidance, the SLP Program grew to serve pediatric and adult inpatients, outpatients, and home health patients.  Ms. Grayson provided educational sessions to medical and community participants and supervised SLP staff, SLP Clinical Fellows and SLP Externs from various universities. Further development of the scope of the SLP Program was accomplished by adding services to community hospitals and satellite clinics.

LEON COUNTY SCHOOLS:  In November 1989, Ms. Grayson was recruited by the Leon County Schools to develop and implement a school-based SLP Program, Pre-K through fifth grade, at John G. Riley Elementary.  During her four years, Ms. Grayson served on the Student Services and School Improvement Teams, Discipline/Curriculum/Needs Assessment Committees, Chaired the first year of the School Based Decision Making Council, and acted as the Team Leader for the ESE staff.  She provided mentoring and supervision for SLP graduate students and ESE instructional aides. In 1992, Ms. Grayson developed and earned a Chapter II Mini-Grant entitled ” CARE: Cooking and Reading Experiences”. The grant involved the cooperation of the students, their families, teachers and staff members, all who participated by submitting a previously prepared “favorite” recipe along with a personal comment. The goal of creating a fun learning activity for the Riley family was accomplished and provided a positive learning experience. This project allowed all to share in the exploration of language, reading and mathematics with family and friends!  Ms. Grayson served as the SLP at JG Riley Elementary until founding Children’s Communication Center, Inc. in 1993.

CHILDREN’S COMMUNICATION CENTER, INC. was founded by Ms. Grayson in July 1993 after gaining the support of the medical and educational professionals and the Tallahassee community! 

Areas of Focus: Ms. Grayson holds extensive professional education, training and years of hands-on experience in a wide range of SLP & related disorders, including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Auditory Processing, Fluency/Stuttering, Receptive and Expressive Oral and Written Language, Social Communication/Pragmatics, Language-Learning, Language & Literacy, Oral Motor, including Tongue Thrust, Speech Articulation/Phonological Processes, and Voice. Additionally, Ms. Grayson offers Corporate Speech  & Communication Services for those without a medical diagnosis but who would benefit from SLP related services.

Mentoring: Ms. Grayson was fortunate to have many gifted professional and personal mentors in her life which has led to her desire to mentor and supervise throughout her professional career. Upon founding Children’s Communication Center, Ms. Grayson sought to develop a consistent program allowing her to mentor volunteers (high school students & undergraduate college students) and supervise/mentor SLP graduate student interns and externs, SLP Clinical Fellows, SLP Assistants, and SLP staff.

Publications/Presentations: Ms. Grayson has contributed to the public as both a contributing writer and as a presenter since her graduate program at Emory University. Most recently, Ms. Grayson was a guest writer for the Tallahassee Family Magazine (Holiday 2014 and May-July 2015) and guest speaker on two podcasts with Damhorst Toys and Puzzles (Episode 6, September 2013 and Episode 7, October 2013).

Committees: Ms. Grayson has served on teams throughout her graduate training and her work experience. Team terms vary based on the structure of the medical, educational or professional organization and are often seen as a continuum.  Ms. Grayson has served on each type of the following teams/committees: Multidisciplinary is best described as an additive approach between professionals; Interdisciplinary is best described as interactive and coordinated among professionals; Intradisciplinary is working within one’s own discipline, Rehabilitation & Habilitation describes planning goals within combined disciplines for achievement for maximum gain; and Transdisciplinary is best described as professionals from different disciplines co-treating across discipline lines. Each has a specific focus and purpose within the context of the organization.  All team approaches have the common  goals of coordinating and offering the best care to the patient or client.

Honors & Awards:

  • 2016: Ms. Grayson earned the Honors of the Association Award presented at the Annual Florida Speech-Language-Hearing Association (FLASHA) 2016 Convention. As per FLASHA: “Honor has been defined by Webster as “A showing of merited respect; one whose worth brings respect, fame, and credit to his profession; evidence or symbol of distinction and a keen sense of ethical conduct and integrity”. Further more, The “Honors of the Association” shall be bestowed upon a FLASHA member in recognition of distinguished contributions in speech-language pathology, audiology, or education of the hearing impaired over a period of time; plus, active participation/service to FLASHA.”
  • 2006:  Ms. Grayson earned the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) issued by The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) governs the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) and presents it as formal “…recognition of continued professional study [to] members and/or certificate holders who earn 7.0 ASHA CEUs in 36 months and participate in the ASHA CE Registry…”; thereby, demonstrating their commitment to lifelong learning.
  • 1989:  Ms. Grayson earned the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) issued by The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) governs the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) and presents it as formal “…recognition of continued professional study [to] members and/or certificate holders who earn 7.0 ASHA CEUs in 36 months and participate in the ASHA CE Registry…”; thereby, demonstrating their commitment to lifelong learning.
  • 1985: Ms. Grayson earned the The Outstanding Young Women of America Award. This is issued by the Outstanding Young Women of America, Montgomery, Alabama and ” is dedicated to recognizing and encouraging America’s young women. Sponsored by leading women’s organizations throughout the country, this program honors young women between the ages of 21 and 35 who give their time and efforts to the betterment of community, country, and profession.”






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Hi Lori.. Love the website and the work that you do.


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