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Summer Speech-Language Packages Available NOW!

Here Comes Summer

Yes, Children’s Communication Center (CCC) is offering our successful and highly requested Summer Packages for the 25th summer!  

Parents and children often describe the Summer Packages as a customized camp experience combined with Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). *See our Director, Lori Savage Grayson’s note below.

In addition, CCC offers intensive and highly focused programs as appropriate for those who would benefit from these type of services. This allows for more than one session per week, as appropriate.

While each session may vary in length, typically each appointment is an hour. At this time, half day and full day are not available…maybe next year! 

The Summer Packages are open to our alum, current, and new families!

Summer Packages

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How Do You Protect Your Voice?!

Are you at risk for losing your voice?

Do you talk all day? Do you compete with noise when you speak? Are you a teacher? Are you a parent? Are you an actor or singer? Are you a receptionist? Are you a realtor? Are you a salesperson? Are you an instructor of an exercise group? Are you a coach? The list is endless…basically, all of us are at risk so here are some tips.

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and I talk all day! Correct vocal use is important for all of us. Photo: CCC

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