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Back to School: Ready, Set, Go…Transition Time

Is it time for your mornings to convert back to the wee hours of the early dawn for greeting your child or teen and heading out the door to arrive before the school bell rings?

YES?! Then read on.

If not yet, then bookmark this for later this summer.

Children’s Communication Center and this Center’s Director and Founder, Lori Savage Grayson, are sharing suggestions to help each family transition from the carefree summer routines back to the more scheduled school routines with less stress and more success! 

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Back to School: Childhood Anxiety

As a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), one of the most significant changes I have observed in the lives of the children and families entering this Center’s doors is that more “friends” are arriving with a medical diagnosis of anxiety, the youngest “friend” was three years old. 

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Back to School: The NEW Kindergarten Means “More Testing, Less Play”

Anyone remember half day Kindergarten? Anyone remember naps once it became full day? Both of these are traditions from the past.

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Temper Tantrum or Meltdown?!

TANTRUMS AND MELTDOWNS ARE NOT THE SAME ~ Learn how to distinguish between a tantrum (angry/frustrated) and a meltdown (reaction to feeling overwhelmed) by reviewing the chart. The KEY is learning to identify the “triggers and signs” and intervene BEFORE your child starts reacting & help him/her move toward a more positive resolution. To Learn More Read the Full Article from Understood.