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Imagine Your Child's Potential... Photo: LSG 2012

Each Child’s Potential Is Vast…
Photo: LSG 2012

When you want to talk to someone who knows…

For more than 20 years, Children’s Communication Center – under the direction of Lori Savage Grayson – has successfully coordinated “support” opportunities for parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family & family friends in various “group” configurations.

There is no need to squirm at the thought of a group sitting in a circle, for us, a group is defined as more than one speaking by phone or meeting in a home, in the community, or at a parkthere are no rules other than being available to lend a helping ear/hand to one another.

Alumni & current families remain available to other families & have the opportunity to meet, to chat, to listen, to brainstorm, to share, to learn from one another, to share successful paths, offer recommendations & more – all in casual, informal & non-judgemental settings.

“The beauty of our “family chain” is that sometimes all you want or need is a listening ear, and we all ‘get & respect that’!” ~ LSG

Through these opportunities positive support is available for families experiencing challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Apraxia, Language-Learning, Voice, Speech Articulation, Oral & Written Language, Stuttering, Social Communication Interaction, Pragmatics, Tongue ThrustCorporate Speech issues, that is, any/all SLP related delays or disorders.

Alumni & current families are available to share their experiences. This includes discussing educational choices, IEP meetings, services within the educational day, insurance questions, scholarship options, day to day “survival” topics, including managing birthday parties, field trips, extracurricular classes, and more!

Photo: LSG 2015

Family ~ Our Common Thread
Photo: LSG 2015

It is often said by families that no one understand their situation, however, that becomes a myth once families speak to & meet those who share similar experiences, concerns, struggles & successes. Opinions may vary, but in the end, we all have one thing is common, Family!” ~ LSG

This Center is fortunate to have 23 years worth of experience with hundreds of families, educational and medical professionals & even “SLP friends” who have transitioned into adulthood, and are available to share with families arriving at this Center’s door.

With more than 35 years experience, Ms. Grayson’s reaches go beyond Tallahassee if questions or concerns require input from those families or professionals outside of our community.

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