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Community Partner Share: Dr. Pamela S. Kennedy’s Office

In an effort to say “Thank you!” to all who support our Center, we found a community partner who is eager to share so you can treat yourself!

What do you have to do? It’s simple…

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Back to School: Backpacks & Supplies

TRUTH: The countdown to the beginning of school is around the corner.

What, how is that possible?!

I can “see” many of you rolling your eyes and “hear” your deep sighs with the realization that as July comes to an end, you need to think about the end of summer and the start of school in August.

YES, you read that correctly, I said, “August”.

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Good-Bye, FSU Summer Volunteers

Where did the summer go? It seems that Haley, Hope, and Samantha were just welcomed as volunteers for this summer to shadow Lori Savage Grayson.

FSU Summer 2016 Volunteers: L to R: Hope, Samantha & Haley

FSU Summer 2016 Volunteers: L to R: Hope, Samantha & Haley

We thought it would be fun to share some of the activities they were able to observe as this Center‘s friends worked to make improvements and progress on their speech articulation, oral language, written language, and social communication skills.

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Back to School: Tax Free Weekend


Backtoschool.Tax Free.Scarlett.cake

Back to School ~ Photo: PPW

YES, the first day of school will be here before you know it!

To help you get organized and ready to shop, here is your first reminder for Florida’s Tax Free Shopping 2016.

This year (2016), the Tax Free WEEKEND in Florida is Friday, August 5th through Sunday August 7th.

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A Day in the Life of This SLP: Kindness

July 20, 2016

Early Social Skills...

Kindness Begins Early, Photo: PPW

Today, as I worked with some of my friends, it seemed that I was battling their creative play which was filled with “rough and tumble” descriptions that some might interpret as hostility.

However, my friends’ descriptions were related, in part, to oral language and social communication challenges, including their inability to understand the “dangers” or “harm” which would arise from their “fast and action packed” stories.

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Pokémon GO Visits Miami (Video)

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It’s here!

Pokémon GO Parent Training thanks to Nick at the City of Miami Police Department.

Learn about age requirements, Pokéstops, daytime and nighttime Pokémons, and other safety tips while you are “catching ’em all”.

Wonderful video to learn how to play, be safe & have fun!

We are playing here at Children’s Communication Center in Tallahassee too!

Be safe & have fun!

Pledge that “It Can Wait”

Consider this a Public Service Announcement (PSA) of sorts which I had not planned, but which developed through a sequence of events.

Today, I opened my AT&T bill and inside was a flyer for the “It Can Wait” Program. This program allows you to “Take a Pledge” to keep your eyes on the road while driving. To date, according to the program’s website, 9,261,876 PLEDGES [have been] MADE!! Let’s get that to jump beyond 10,000,000!

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