Testimonials From Parents, Families & SLP Friends

CCC.Sign.ILYLori, 1993 – present: “The success of ‘our children’ is only possible because of the trust, respect & cooperation that we all share!”            

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KL, October 2015: Thanks, Lori.  I accompanied him to an advanced music class and a beginners class and noticed the same* alert focus and great improvement in his ability to think and express himself.  He sings in both English and Latin!  He remained on task for another hour and a half after working with you.  It would have been impossible without you.” *[I had commented in a previous email of the positive changes in attention, focus & expressive organization. Lori] 

KR, school aged “friend”, October 2015: “I think you are awesome!” 

JFL, September 2015: “I highly recommend Lori Savage Grayson‘s Center for any pediatric children’s speech and language services. Lori is a greatly respected Speech Language Pathologist in the entire North Florida area. I worked with her several years ago and found that she is extremely knowledgeable and gets results. She is friendly and dedicated to serving her clients and community at the highest level.”

KR, school aged “friend”, September 2015:  “You know, you are a very patient person!”

LSG, August 2015: “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.” I absolutely agree with this inspirational quote which for years has looked up at me from under my desk glass. Together, we will reach new communicative achievements as Children’s Communication Center enters year #23! Thank you for your continued support and for sharing your families with me! Lori Savage Grayson

IRK, August 2015: It’s not too often you meet people in life who are dedicated to the betterment of children to improve their lives and overcome adversities…Lori Grayson is that kind of person and inspires those she comes in contact with her through her vision of hope and hard work. You are an angel to those lives you improve, Lori!

AM, July 2015:Lori is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable SLP. She has a gift for meeting a child where she is, understanding her strengths and limitations, and yet stretching her to reach new goals. I am thankful that I found her. She also knows everyone and everything in Tallahassee associated with speech, education and even organic produce.”

TF, June 2015:Lori is amazing! My almost three-year-old son was not speaking at all when we took him to CCC in 1995. Specialists were concerned he was autistic. Lori worked with him tirelessly and helped him become conversant. He is now 22, a college graduate, and headed off to a 2-year stint with the Peace Corps in Botswana, Africa. We will always be grateful for Lori’s belief in his abilities and her efforts to help him. She is a true professional who cares deeply about her clients.”

JD, June 2015: “Dear Lori, our families are friends for almost 12 years, now. It was a gift when I first met you. Our boys were in same class and I got so excited when I learned your skills could help my son overcome his language and attention deficiencies. Thank you for all the hard work and skills you’ve passed on to him. You are awesome!” 

BASG, June 2015: “When I was a child, I stuttered….I was very shy…very quiet…I don’t remember ever speaking, actually. Yet in school, I was always put into advanced learning situations. (Yes, even in the 1950’s, there were good things going on in education in the San Francisco area! LOL). One day, in the fourth grade, the principal came to my classroom and told me that I would be seeing a therapist once a week for my stuttering. The most amazing reaction–I didn’t know I stuttered! I was stunned! How can that be? It was such a poignant moment; I still remember where in the classroom I was, what the weather was like that day…. At any rate, I met once a week with this wonderful man; he taught me to play chess. so my therapy sessions were also chess sessions! He guided me through different stages of working with the difficulty…It was particularly embarrassing situation since my name began with a letter of the alphabet I couldn’t “get out.” The techniques he taught me carried me through several more years so that when I reached high school, I no longer stuttered. I am ever grateful to that kind, gentle man….and remarkably to me…most of my adult career life involved teaching and speaking in front of large groups of people!”

HEG, May 2015: “Thank you, Lori Savage Grayson, for advocating for our children. Last week our fifth baby had ear tubes and tonsillectomy. We were discussing with the kids to speak softly and know that their sister will learn to speak just like they did with Mrs. Lori! Immediately they knew what fun she was going to have! We haven’t met another ST that takes the time to document thoroughly and communicate with parents like you have. Wishing you the best!”

CJ, May 2015: “As a fellow business owner, I’m very careful about who I recommend to others, for anything…all the way down to something as insignificant as a hair cut. (Insignificant because it grows back, but still crazy important because don’t we feel awful if it looks bad?) I can recommend Lori with absolutely no reservations.”

KS, May 2015: Lori is an amazing person inside and out of the workplace. She’s always willing to help and I love the articles that she posts on this page! [referring to the CCC FB page] All around amazing and highly recommend her for anything you or your child may need!”

CGS, July 2014: “I’ve known Lori since our oldest children were quite young. Her knowledge and understanding of how to help children communicate is first rate—she knows her stuff!. Her commitment to the profession is strong. She also has the gift of being able to connect, sometimes in small, but important ways. But what really sets her apart is her deep compassion for the whole child and his/her family. Thanks for all you do, Lori! You change lives.”

GK, July 2014: “[Lori is] One of the best people I know!”

LJ, June 2014: “There are not enough wonderful things to say about Lori Grayson and Children’s Communication Center. Lori has been a part of our family for fourteen years, providing speech intervention to me and my two oldest children, with tremendous success. Her incomparable professionalism, sense of humor, encouragement and support is unrivaled, and the outcomes speak for themselves.  A heartfelt thank you, Lori. From all of us.”

BG, June 2014: ” I agree!! [with LJ’s comment] Lori and CCC are the best 🙂

GH, June 2014: “I started to take my oldest son to see Lori when he was 26 months old. I immediately liked her and my son took to her right away. She has a wonderful disposition with children, she is kind and very very knowledgeable. She was able to pinpoint exactly where he needed help and his sessions were very focused. She was able make their sessions different every time and always engaging. He always looked forward to seeing her. He saw her 3 times a week until he was five years old. Another one of my sons also went to Lori when he was 4. He only needed services for 9 months and he really liked going to the sessions too. Both of the boys are doing well now.”

AMB, December 2013: “Congratulations Lori Savage Grayson on 20 successful years! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in helping D with his speech! I’m so happy I get to call you friend!!”

AC, November 2013: “Check this page out and like it.. God used Mrs. Lori Savage Grayson to help change my son J’s life. J didn’t start talking until almost 4yrs old and had developmental issues. I have learned that when you ask Jesus for something in prayer, he normally answers it with people. Mrs. Lori Savage Grayson was our answer. Over a couple years she worked with J on his speech and motor skills. She was so kind, loving, and firm with J and took care of him like one of her own. Now the kid who could not talk won’t stop. Lol. I am so thankful for her using her God-given gifts to make such a major impact in this world. She has been changing lives for the last 20 yrs. We will forever be grateful to her and for her.”

RC, November 2013:Lori Savage Grayson is Amazing at what she does! She helps kids, including our G, in so many ways…If you have any needs in this area, she is the one to call in town!”

RC, September 2013: “Pretty exciting stuff happening in the C-McC house…we went from virtually no words and minimal imitation less than a month ago to 7 words in context and lots of imitation! Yay!! We definitely have lots to celebrate! (G being sick for the third time since starting preschool, however, is not one of them). Thank you to Lori and the Children’s Communication Center for all of your help! Can’t wait to see all the development that comes in the next few months.

BS, 2013: “…We will forever be grateful to Lori Grayson for providing us with hope and most importantly providing high quality speech therapy to Christine. Her patience and dedication was truly remarkable. Thank you Lori!”  ~ To read the entire parent story: Parent Perspectives ~ “Christine” or to read the story from my (Lori’s) perspective, This Center’s “First Family”

SM, 2010: “Dear Lori, Thank you for all you do for S and us. We hope you enjoy the cookies! Love, The M Family”

Maclay Middle School, 2007:

My Thank You note from the Maclay 7th graders, May 2007


A special Thank You note to me from the Maclay 7th graders after I shared a presentation with them during Better Speech and Hearing Month. My presentation was correlated with their reading of “The Miracle Worker”,  a story about Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan.  Thank you again, Ms. Engelbrecht, for allowing me to add to their understanding of speech, language, hearing, learning and social communication development, disorders, and the SLP services available. ~ Lori 

PC, for WC, Age 3, 1997: “For Miss Lori – Love W ~ Thanks for teaching me to talk real good. I love to talk now! “

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