Pledge that “It Can Wait”

Pledge that “It Can Wait”

Consider this a Public Service Announcement (PSA) of sorts which I had not planned, but which developed through a sequence of events.

Today, I opened my AT&T bill and inside was a flyer for the “It Can Wait” Program. This program allows you to “Take a Pledge” to keep your eyes on the road while driving. To date, according to the program’s website, 9,261,876 PLEDGES [have been] MADE!! Let’s get that to jump beyond 10,000,000!

Driving? Focus on the road. Source: LSG family collection

Driving? Focus on the road. Source: LSG

As a Speech-Language Pathologist I am all too familiar with the very real medical, cognitive, physical, and communication challenges affecting real people and real families resulting from accidents related to distracted driving. I encourage you to invite your family to become part of the “It Can Wait” drivers. Agree to take “the pledge” to focus on the road not your phone. With all of our good intentions, even a nano second increases the risk of becoming involved in an accident.

This video will share more than I can share in writing. You may need tissues…

Today, in my 5 mile loop to the Post Office, bank and a medical office, I dodged or observed at least 6 traffic infractions which could have caused accidents. You know, the U turn without a light, the left turn one is making as someone runs the red light coming toward them, the person who blocks a second lane as s/he tries to squeeze the vehicle in to the far left lane, the person who sees you but decides even if you are already backing out they will back out too and be faster, the lane changer who is trying to work around those driving the speed limit, the tailgater who can’t stop in time or cuts in front of another car, and on and on…

The “It Can Wait” Apps and Tools tab offers two different options for apps which can be downloaded to your phone and will send a reply for incoming texts or calls, a virtual reality app, a texting and driving simulator and last, a shortcut icon for your phone.

If you can, designate a passenger to be the receiver of you calls or texts. As the driver, even at those red lights, keep your eyes open, be aware of those around and behind you! Be prepared to react to keep yourself and others safe.

A defensive driving day in the life of this SLP,


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