Back to School: Tax Free Weekend

Back to School: Tax Free Weekend


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Back to School ~ Photo: PPW

YES, the first day of school will be here before you know it!

To help you get organized and ready to shop, here is your first reminder for Florida’s Tax Free Shopping 2016.

This year (2016), the Tax Free WEEKEND in Florida is Friday, August 5th through Sunday August 7th.

You read that correctly, this year, it is a Tax Free WEEKEND, not a week long event as in the past.

Be sure to plan ahead for this shortened shopping opportunity, read the rules for eligible items and pay attention to the EXCLUSIONS.

I know I am ready for some new supplies for my friends to use during their Speech-Language Pathology sessions.

Let me check the Tax Free shopping lists to be sure it’s all approved…

I am thinking about all the “work” we need to complete!

SLP “work” requires the right supplies, time to shop! Photo: CCC/LSG

Add to the shopping list: New crayons, markers, pencils, paper, erasers, stickers, glitter, glue…

Always appreciated by Floridians and only two weeks away, so don’t hesitate to read The Department of Revenue’s details on their homepage in the “Current Topics” section or find information on their Tax Information Publication (TIP)

Happy Shopping!















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