Back to School, College Edition: Amazing Research at UCF and FSU

Back to School, College Edition: Amazing Research at UCF and FSU

With younger students returning to school, our older “children” return to the universities and colleges for another year as well.

During these first weeks, we hear outstanding news from two Florida universities related to break through health discoveries.

UCF Fountain Photo: LSG

UCF Fountain Photo: LSG

At the University of Central Florida (UCF), “A UCF College of Medicine cancer researcher has discovered a way to kill spreading breast cancer cells and her new technology has generated a licensing agreement that will accelerate the therapy’s path to clinical trials.” Read more here.


FSU Seminole Photo: LSG

This week, from in the news at Florida State University (FSU), “A team of researchers from Florida State University, Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health has found existing drug compounds that can both stop Zika from replicating in the body and from damaging the crucial fetal brain cells that lead to birth defects in newborns.” Read the full article here.

We are always on the look-out for outstanding news and research from the Florida universities, so keep your eyes open for new discoveries in our Back to School, College Edition series.

Our Back to School, College Edition features posts related to our college aged students and the world around them. More to come in the following weeks.

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