YaYa’s in the Kitchen: Blueberry Chocolate Chip Brownies with Ganache

YaYa’s in the Kitchen: Blueberry Chocolate Chip Brownies with Ganache

This recipe was the unofficial first entry of my YaYa’s in the Kitchen writings and was featured on this Center’s FB page before I officially started the Blog. Over the years, I have had many requests to share recipes and to begin a blog, so here goes…

My husband, Andrew, when asked what he wanted for dessert this Father’s Day 2015, replied, “…hmmm, something with blueberries and chocolate…” The blueberries were inspired by the more than 55 pounds of organic berries we recently picked and chocolate, well, that goes without saying.

I offered, blueberries covered in chocolate, chocolate blueberry muffins, blueberries with angel food cake covered in chocolate sauce, and on and on…To which he replied, “Hmmm, that sounds good, but No!”

Finally, desperate, I suggested blueberries with brownies and that seemed to hit the spot. I quickly looked online to see if there was such a thing?!

And, surprisingly there are many recipes filled with blueberries and chocolate, who knew?!

So, I opted for a favorite brownie recipe and went from there.

Now, you can make these as “healthy or decadent” as you prefer by using the brownie recipe of your choice & determining the number of treasures (fillings) and toppings.

In our case, the “healthy” ingredients were our handpicked organic blueberries, dark chocolate & other “natural” ingredients. Our fillings would be the blueberries and chocolate chips and the toppings would be chocolate ganache with berries on top.

It goes without saying that you will see a lot of chocolate ganache in my recipes, apparently it is the topping of all toppings for the grown-ups enjoying my bakery treats.

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Brownies with Ganache Photo: LSG

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Brownies with Ganache Photo: LSG

Ingredients/Directions: Use your favorite brownie recipe or a prepared mix. Once all of the ingredients are combined, gently fold in 1/2 cup or more of your preferred chocolate chips and then fold in 1 cup of blueberries. If the blueberries are frozen, add them frozen just as you are ready to pour into the prepared baking pan. If you have picked fresh blueberries with your children, use those! Bake as directed, cool completely. I turned out the whole square of brownies, then sliced them and put them on a cooling rack which had foil under it. NOW, using a spoon, drizzle the cooled chocolate ganache over each sliced piece. You can put this is the fridge to set the ganache. If you prefer you can top the brownies with whipped cream & more blueberries, or put that on top of the ganache, there are no rules for the toppings.

Chocolate Ganache: Consists of two ingredients, chocolate and cream. This is half of a typical ganache recipe that you would use for a layer cake, but more than plenty for an 8×8 or 9×9 pan of brownies.

  • 1/2 cup chocolate bits or chopped chocolate, I used semi-sweet
  • 1/4 cup heated almost to boil cream or heavy cream (without cream? I have even used whole milk, but it will come out slightly thinner)

Pour the heated cream over the chocolate and let it sit for 5 minutes without stirring. Then begin to whisk, starting in the center, stirring out in larger circles. Stir till smooth and shiny. Let it cool, until the desired thickness. The longer it cools the thicker and more like icing it becomes. If left long enough ganache can be used for truffles. Store any unused ganache in an air-tight container in the fridge for later use. (See above for topping the brownies).

Enjoy and please follow my YaYa’s in the Kitchen Series! 

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