How to Volunteer & Shadow

How to Volunteer & Shadow

Volunteering & Shadowing Opportunities

Welcome to Children’s Communication Center!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering and shadowing opportunities at our Speech-Language Pathology private practice.

The process is outlined below. 

How to Apply

To begin, this Center requests that you submit the following via email.

  1. Your resume.
  2. A cover letter highlighting what you will bring to the Center and what you would like to learn while here.
  3. Local references with phone and email contact information.
  4. This Center’s contact information is readily available on this webpage and social media.


  1. Once your packet is received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.
  2. It is beneficial for you to review this Center’s webpage and social media to become familiar with us, including our blog posts highlighting our volunteers.
  3. We ask that you consider becoming a supporter by adding your Like/Follow on our social media pages. This is optional.
  4. The interview typically takes an hour and casual work dress is acceptable.


  1. A minimum of a two-semester commitment is required to be considered for volunteering and shadowing opportunities.
  2. This Center requires your review and signing of a Confidentiality Agreement, a Social Media Policy, and a Photography Release. The latter is optional.
  3. Volunteering is separate from shadowing opportunities, but both are expected from each interested applicant.
  4. If this Center’s schedule does not match your schedule, this Center will work to offer other opportunities.


  1. Please understand you will not be providing SLP services. You will observe approved SLP sessions.
  2. This Center is a private practice which offers high quality, well-managed and professional SLP services. Therefore, the patient/client’s needs will always supersede the volunteer’s planned observation. We know you understand.
  3. It is important to understand that you are entering our Center’s confidential space and the lives of our families.
  4. The Center’s SLP sessions are conducted in a wide variety of settings some which may not be available to you.
  5. Be prepared to keep a log of your observation and volunteer hours.
  6. It is your responsibility to complete the log form accurately before asking for Ms. Grayson’s signature. A copy must be provided to this Center at the end of each semester.
  7. Learning is the goal, therefore, feel free to ask outside of the sessions.
  8. NO names of this Center’s patients/clients can be used by you in any format. You may use initials for identification purposes. Refer to the Confidentiality Agreement for details.
  9. It is your responsibility to verify appointments the day of your observation. Schedule changes occur daily, so please check in.

Reference Letter Requests

Ms. Grayson completely understands the importance of acquiring reference letters for your graduate school applications.

It is Ms. Grayson’s experience that it is best to gain recommendations from those who are able to speak to your strengths and areas of need. Therefore, each request will be reviewed on an individual basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.