YaYa’s in the Kitchen: Thankful Cornucopia Treats

YaYa’s in the Kitchen: Thankful Cornucopia Treats

As we begin the Thanksgiving holiday week, I wanted to share a recipe with your family. 



These edible “Thankful Cornucopia Treats” are quick, holiday appropriate, and easily adapted to your family’s preferences.

Since cooking is the essence of Thanksgiving, I opted for a recipe which could be completed together with a wide range of ages, youngest to oldest!

Some assistance and supervision is suggested if you want the treats to make it to the dessert table!

Of course, the language and social interaction aspects should also be appreciated while you “cook” together.

Compare & contrast as you create your “Thankful Cornucopia Treats”

Tastes: Salty, sweet, and any flavors (Note: colors in foods often represent flavors)

Textures: Rough, smooth and crunchy, soft, etc.

Sizes: Mini or large cornucopia and size of openings (wide, narrow)

Other concepts: Whole or broken; One, some, all; Few, many, etc.

If your child counts, how many do you need to make for each guest to have one? two?

For older children or teens, they can determine how many of each topping type you might want to make based on the “orders” they can take. Use a tally chart or other “order” form.

And so on…

This YaYa encourages you to follow along below and allow the children chefs to make choices, be creative, and taste along the way!

Keeping wipes and/or paper towels close by helps keep hands clean and allow for some tastes and natural mess which will occur.


  1. Cornucopias: Bugle type chips or ice cream cones depending on the size you prefer
  2. Filling: Icing, Greek yogurt, whipped cream, pudding, ice cream, or other filling
  3. Toppings: Fruit type cereal, chopped nuts, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, or other edible decorations



  1. Organize your chips, your filling(s), and your toppings
  2. Help your little one scoop the filling into the cornucopia shaped chip
  3. You will notice some are open wide and some are narrow but they will still work
  4. Dip the filling into the topping of your choice or place the toppings on the filling.
  5. Arrange on your platter, put in fridge or freezer based on your filling                             NOTE: We used a marshmallow vanilla icing which was perfect for sticking on toppings, Trix cereal, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, and sprinkles.cornucopias-2


Happy Thanksgiving 2016!     Enjoy, YaYa (Lori

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