Philanthropy Share: Join Zachary in the Knight-Thon 2017

Philanthropy Share: Join Zachary in the Knight-Thon 2017

As the Founder and Director of Children’s Communication Center, I am thrilled to share this Center’s support of Zachary Grayson‘s philanthropy efforts to raise donations for the University of Central Florida’s Knight-Thon 2017.

What better way to honor Zachary and say, “Thank You!” as we celebrate his 13th anniversary working on our Center’s team. Yes, starting at the young age of 10 years, he has successful progressed “up the ranks” to our Social Media & Tech Advisor.

Philanthropy and volunteering are significant aspects of Zachary’s childhood, teen and young adult life. As he shares, “I graduated high school with over 1,100 community service hours.” And, now, he continues his efforts and asks for YOUR participation.

As a result of his more than 1000 community service hours as a student at Maclay School, he was nominated by one of his teachers and received The President’s Volunteer Service Award during his senior year.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award, Maclay 2012

This year, as Zachary completes his education at UCF, graduating in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Communication and a minor in Mass Communication, he has set his personal fundraising goal for his last collegiate efforts with the Knight-Thon at $750.

Through your participation and support of Zachary, you become a member of “his team”. YOUR donation will directly benefit the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the Greater Orlando area, specifically the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

As an ASHA certified pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, this Center’s Philanthropy Share for the Knight-Thon is near and dear to my heart. As Zachary’s employer, I am proud, and as his mother, even prouder. Sharing the pride, his father, Andrew.

UCF Parents’ Weekend 2016

Why donate? What is the purpose of the UCF Knight-Thon?

From Zachary, “For the past 21 years the UCF community has gathered together to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. If you are unfamiliar with them, they raise funds for children’s hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children’s health issues. The community gathers together at an event called Knight-Thon which is a 20 hour nonstop dance marathon to give a greater appreciation for the suffering these hospitalized kids go through every day. This year I am doing my part #FortheKids by making it my goal to raise a minimum of $750. I am looking to my friends and family to help make a difference in the life of these children. Click here to donate, each and every donation will make a difference.”

Proud UCF Mom & Dad

Join our Philanthropy Share and add your LIKE to the Children’s Communication Center Facebook page. This will let you “Pay It Forward” in several ways.

One, this Center will make a donation in your honor to Zachary’s fundraising for each new LIKE on our Facebook page related to his Knight-Thon efforts. And…

Two, your LIKE increases the awareness and visibility of Speech-Language Pathology and related topics. You never know who will benefit from your LIKE!

To support Zachary, through our Philanthropy Share, please click here to add your LIKE to this Center’s Facebook page. To make a donation directly to Zachary’s Knight-Thon fundraising page, click here.

Join us in supporting Zachary at the UCF Knight-Thon 2017!

CCC Team: Adam, Zachary, Lori & Andrew Grayson

Together, we are making a difference!

Thank you,

Lori, Andrew, Adam, and Zachary

This Center’s Team: Andrew, Special Advisor; AdamTechnical & Graphics Advisor; and, Zachary, Social Media & Technical Advisor.

Note: Photos from LSG personal collection and CCC collection 






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