Community Partner Share: Q-Ti Cakes with Lolani “Q” Green

Community Partner Share: Q-Ti Cakes with Lolani “Q” Green

May’s Community Partner Share

Each month this Center chooses a Community Partner Share highlighting a small local, but large at heart, person exemplifying passion for his/her craft, family, friends and community. Because we can relate!

Q-Ti Cakes Source: Q-Ti Cakes used with permission from Lolani Green

This month, we are featuring Q-Ti Cakes Bakery & Lolani “Q” Green, owner, creative director & baker. 

This is not just any month, it is also May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month, a month long campaign dedicated to providing “… an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and role of ASHA* members in providing life-altering treatment…”

You might ask, “What does a bakery have to do with Better Hearing & Speech Month?” It goes like this…

Last year, I noticed a Facebook post asking if families in our community would be interested in a Food Network’s Chopped Jr. opportunity.

I replied, yes. As did many others.

Months later, the event was posted and I reached out to offer “gift type” items for the participants from Children’s Communication Center. Seemed simple enough.

However, I was informed that what was really needed by the Whole Child Leon Team was someone to contact food establishments and secure delicious donations for the audience and judges. While I politely declined more than once, I soon called back and accepted this “challenge”.

Q-Ti Cakes was on the list when I inherited this volunteer position. So began my email communication to the unknown name on my list.

When we spoke, a voice filled with energy and happiness was on the other end of the line. Then, at the event, I met Lolani…effervescence comes to mind, well, and bling…

The table was sparkly, the samples inviting, and then the taste…YUM

As a “home baker” since as long as I can remember, I am not easily persuaded by treats baked outside my kitchen. However…

It seems the Chopped Jr. Judges felt the same way. And, Q-Ti Cakes, Lolani and company, accepted the most prestigious award of the night, JUDGES CHOICE for the best dish present.

Q-Ti Cakes & Lolani Green at Whole Child Leon Chopped Jr. Source: Q-Ti Cakes used with permission from Lolani Green

So, when it came to selecting a Community Partner Share, I called Lolani! This YaYa’s in the Kitchen  is happy to feature Q-Ti Cakes for Better Hearing & Speech Month!

As described by Lolani “Q” Green on the webpage, “…Q-Ti Cakes, Tallahassee’s premiere designer cake boutique, creating beautiful and tasty cakes is our passion. Whether it’s with our designer cakes or decadent cupcakes you know you will receive the highest quality made with the finest and freshest ingredients…Come in and Experience [the] Taste Of Luxury…

Cupcakes Source: Q-Ti Cakes used with permission from Lolani Green

I am thrilled to share that Q-Ti Cakes ‘s Community Partner Share for Better Hearing & Speech Month features “Buy 3 cupcakes & Get One Free!”  during May!

No matter what your plans, be sure to stop by Q-Ti Cakes and taste a bakery treat!

Cupcake sizes Source: Q-Ti Cakes used with permission from Lolani Green

Thank you, Lolani for saying “Yes” to the Chopped Jr. Event and for generously participating in our Community Partner Share (and more).

Source: Q-Ti Cakes used with permission from Lolani Green

Let’s celebrate together!


*ASHA, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, is the national professional, scientific and credentialing association audiologists; speech-language pathologists; speech, language, and hearing scientists; audiology and speech-language pathology support personnel; and students.