YaYa’s in the Kitchen: Pizza Time!

YaYa’s in the Kitchen: Pizza Time!

It’s here again, National Pizza Day!

There are not many foods that allow for such a wide variety of ingredients for all foodies to enjoy, including those who experience food allergies and preferences.

Think about the amazing types of crusts, sauces, or toppings that one can use to create a delicious treat.

One of my favorite YaYa’s in the Kitchen experiences was making pizza with my young friend in July 2016. My six-year old assistant was ready and more than able.

Time to make pizza with YaYa

Apron, (Williams Sonoma gift from grandparents) on and ingredients ready, we made delicious pizza to share with Mom and Dad at lunch time.

YES, six-year olds (and even younger) are capable of cooking and baking!

Pizza prep is serious business. Photo: CCC/LSG

Dough time…

Note from YaYa: We used some ingredients as if we were making homemade dough.

First I measured, scooped and poured the flour into the metal bowl.

Scoop the flour. Photo: CCC/LSG

Then I measured and poured the water into the bowl.

Measure and add the water. Photo: CCC/LSG

Now, it’s time to stir and mix the “dough”.

Mixing the “dough”. Photo: CCC/LSG

Crust time…

Note from YaYa: Due to time constraints, we traded up to a pre-made dough.

I made a face when I opened the bag because the dough was a bit smelly. YaYa said it’s the yeast. But wait, we didn’t use any yeast.

Ah-ha! YaYa thought I didn’t know she and Mom bought the dough, but I did.

Someone was pretty amazed by the transformation! Yes, I was (chuckle).

Wow, look at our “dough”! Photo: CCC/LSG

Look, it’s squishy…

This looks squishy! Photo: CCC/LSG

soft, sticky…

It made SO much! Photo: CCC/LSG

and stretchy! It’s also cool and smooth.

and stretchy! Photo: CCC/LSG

We dusted some flour on the placemat to keep the dough from sticking when I  flattened it out.

Time to flatten the dough. Photo: CCC/LSG

YaYa let me use the rolling pin and the flour on my nose makes me look official.

How much fun is this rolling pin? A LOT! Photo: CCC/LSG

Now, with patience and careful team work, we moved the dough onto the pizza pan to stretch it to the edges and form our crust.

It’s tricky to lift it onto the pan. Thank you, YaYa for helping me! Photo: CCC/LSG

Tomato sauce time…

When given several choices for utensils to spread the tomato sauce, I opted for the wooden spoon.

Yes, I twisted the lid off the jar. You have to be strong like me! (Maybe, I had a little help.)

I chose the wooden spoon to spread the sauce on the crust. Photo: CCC/LSG

Topping time…

We used  pre-shredded cheese and pepperoni on the pizza.

When it was time to put cheese on the whole pizza, YaYa said I could sprinkle it on!

Sprinkling the shredded cheese was FUN! Photo: CCC/LSG

Yes, I opened the zip bag by myself and then separated out slices of pepperoni to put on half of the pizza.

The cheese is ready to be topped with pepperoni. Photo: CCC/LSG

Pride time…

Yay, I did it!

YAY! I am proud of myself! Photo: CCC/LSG

Baking time…

YaYa and Mom say the oven is hot, so I stand back while they put the tray in the oven.

Into the oven it goes to bake the crust and melt the cheese. Photo: CCC/LSG

Patience time…

Apparently, it takes at least 20 minutes to bake…so YaYa finds activities for me to keep me busy while we wait.

Only four seconds have passed…YaYa says I need to be patient. Photo: CCC/LSG

Technology time…

Now, beyond the cooking experience, let’s not forget this YaYa is an ASHA certified and Florida licensed pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist who combines kitchen science with speech-languagelearning and social communication goals and objectives.

She let’s me help with her new Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer for the photos of me making pizza. Now, she is too excited about the story I will tell with the picture. The sentences she will write as I “dictate” and all that SLP “stuff”she loves so much.

YaYa lets me help with her new technology. It’s mini printer! Photo: CCC/LSG

Lunch time…

How beautiful is my first pizza?! I think it is perfect.

My first pizza is beautiful! Photo: CCC/LSG

So many steps…It is sliced and finally cool enough to eat. You don’t want the hot cheese to burn your mouth!

Eight slices and cool enough to eat. Photo: CCC/LSG

Finally, it’s time to eat lunch!

Lunch time! Photo: CCC/LSG

YaYa’s time…

YaYa let me help her print out the photos. That was fun. But then, just like that, she had me working on SLP activities.

Early literacy filled with language (that is code for listening, thinking, remembering, sequencing, vocabulary, concepts, labeling with signs/words,  talking and on and on.

Photo sequencing time…

In the beginning… Photo: CCC/LSG

YaYa says we will add pictures to increase the details and sequence of my pizza story. If you look at some of the pictures you might see the cards YaYa wrote out before we started with the ingredients and directions (steps) for making the pizza.

In the middle… Photo: CCC/LSG

In the end… Photo: CCC/LSG

Then…because I know YaYa, eventually there will be a written story along with a picture for my book. YaYa will work to get me to tell the story (relate a recent event), use the photos to remind myself, use words and/or signs in phrases/sentences as she writes it down. Then she will have me write my name on the story page with the picture.

For now, it’s back to pizza.

“Mommy, can I have a piece of pizza?”


A fabulous time was had by all!

To learn more about how to successfully integrate kitchen science into your SLP activities or into your home life contact this Center and speak with YaYa.


YaYa, aka, Lori