Introducing …from This side of the table

Introducing …from This side of the table


…from This side of the table, this Center’s new blog post category featured here and shared primarily on our Instagram, although Facebook and Pinterest will not be excluded!

…from This side of the table

inspired by the journey of my life and the views from This side of the table as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Mom, and YaYa. Surely, more views will find their way into the blog posts as they are interwoven into my life.

…from This side of the table

will invite you to sit with me and look across the table sharing in my view. At times, it may seem as if we are sitting at the same table, while at other times it may offer you a new view.

Can You Spot It?

This first post represents my day filled with runny noses and coughs. Then, just like that, I have an internal pause which alerts me to the moment when THE germ found me.

Truism or Truth 

Truism is defined by Merriam-Webster as “an undoubted or self-evident truth; especially one too obvious for mention”.  While Truth is defined as, “the body of real things, events, and facts”.

Truism fits perfectly as it is indeed “too obvious to mention” to those of us who have experienced  “the moment THE germ” finds us amidst the gazillions of others passing by.

It is a truth for those of  you who may recall a cough or a sneeze, especially during peak cold and flu season, when you become sick, but you have not yet learned how to ‘spot it’.

…from This side of the table,


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