Your Toddler’s Communication 2 to 3 Years

Your Toddler’s Communication 2 to 3 Years

Communication begins, well at the beginning!

We add a little one to our family, and just like that, we are parents!

Are you prepared? Most parents take their little one home with minimal information  for the ever important job of parenting.

You are celebrating your second year as a family, moving toward year three, and your little one is changing more than you could have imagined!

YES, Toddlers Communicate!


You & Your Toddler

Talking and Reading to Your Child IS Teaching! BHSM 2018, ASHA

Talk and Read to your little one! BHSM 2018 ASHA

Want to Learn More About Early Communication?

This is the perfect time because May is Better Hearing & Speech Month!

Contact us and speak with our Director/Founder, Lori Savage Grayson, to learn about our  Show & Tell program which focuses on early communication development and social interaction. Be sure to read about the art of playing with your child from the start.

Do You Have Concerns?

Early identification and intervention for speech, language, hearing, communication, and learning challenges are available.

Are you wondering what the difference between speech and language might be?

Be sure to understand the importance of seeking an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist for your family’s SLP and related concerns.

Source: CCC/LSG

Early Language, Literacy & Learning

Children’s Communication Center understands the critical link between early language development, literacy, and learning.

Remember, no child is too young or too old to be part of family reading! Read to, read with, and read alongside your children and teens 15 minutes each day!

We are proud of our three Little Free Library units at Winthrop Park’s playground dedicated to the children and families of our community as well as, our Little Ones Rock campaign.

Our Little Free Library and Little Ones Rock support early language, literacy & learning!

Join Us For Better Hearing & Speech Month (and beyond)

Thank you to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for the infographics and collaboration with the Read Aloud organization for BHSM 2018.

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