A Day in the Life of This SLP: Proud, Grateful & Joyous

A Day in the Life of This SLP: Proud, Grateful & Joyous

Today, my five-year old friend arrived at the Center a bit early for his appointment holding his handmade book filled with his story.

His mother was with him and she holding a paper bag filled with surprises for this Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). 


The changing of the ‘guards’ so to speak resulted in my earlier appointment, a four-year old, to still be at the office awaiting his mother’s arrival as the five-year old rang the bell.

What’s an SLP to do?

Of course, introduce the little guys to each other and invite the new arrival into the office.

A Spontaneous SLP Group

The members of our ‘on-the-spot’ social group were adorable and chatting away comparing their ages.

  • Four-year old: I am four and will be five and then six.
  • Five-year old: I will be six and I am going to be at a new school.
  • Four-year old: I did the whole Arthur puzzle!
  • SLP to the five-year old: Would you like to read us your book?
  • Five-year old: Proceeded to read his handwritten book of 12 pages written with two different writing tools and colors. As per Mom, this is his longest story to date, before he “jotted a few sentences”.
  • Four-year old: Whoa, that was good!
  • Five-year old: Smiling from ear to ear with pride!

What’s in the bag?

The bag is filled with books gathered by the five-year old’s family to share with our Little Ones Rock Little Free Library Trio located at Winthrop Park’s playground!

What’s in the green dish?

Those are some of the recent Little Ones Rock Be Rocks from A to Z that we made for BHSM. Daily a child will pick one or more to take to hide or keep. We also hide them around town for the little ones to find!

How to pose?

Holding the stack of books and smiling from behind the newly written and published book! How else?

Yes, if you exhale with enough force you can make your homemade book fall down!

An author is born! Age 5 (Take Two)

When your five-year old friend writes a LONG book with different pens, reads it to you and a new friend, AND shares books for your Little Ones Rock Little Free Library Trio it can only be…

A proud, grateful, and joyous day in the life of This SLP,


NOTE: A few weeks ago this SLP gave the five-year old a pre-made book for May is Better Hearing and Speech Month to take on his family trip. He returned with a journal about his family’s vacation. Today, he brought a book he made himself (staples and all) filled with imaginary characters on their own adventure!

The last page of his first vacation story.


Since BHSM we continue to share these surprises in our LFL! Summer is filled with children and families at the playground and extra time to read and play!

BHSM surprises fill our Little Ones Rock Little Free Library Trio!