Little Ones Rock Little Free Library Trio Celebrates Year #1

Little Ones Rock Little Free Library Trio Celebrates Year #1

We are delighted that our Little Ones Rock Little Free Library (LFL) Trio is celebrating its FIRST anniversary!

Take Your Parents to the Playground 2017

The dedication of the LFLs during our Take Your Parents to the Playground event combined two important family activities, playing and reading.

When Children’s Communication Center began the LFL project, we believed the libraries would be an asset to our children and families.   We knew that the Winthrop Park playground was the perfect venue.

A year later, it appears we are right!

Our Little Free Library trio houses books for birth through grand/parents!

We are fortunate to live in a community where neighborhood parks continue to thrive. Our LFLs at Winthrop Park’s playground is ideal as the park and the playground are enjoyed by children and adults of all ages from the entire community.

Our Little Free Libraries’ story unfolds through the art of Peter Koenig of BAET Collective.

Why a Little Free Library?

Because language development is the foundation for literacy and learning, a stronger language foundation culminates with increased success at school and in academics. The connection is undeniable.

Read Aloud 15 minutes. Every child. Every parent. Every day.

The Community and the LFLs

Beginning six weeks after the dedication of the LFLs, it became clear that the community was eager to sustain the libraries by sharing books. As the stewards, we continue to monitor and share books to keep all three libraries filled with a variety of books.

Little Ones Rock @childrenscommunication welcomes your little ones!

Celebrating #1 Year!

By our estimate the books shared and borrowed exceeds 2,000 and surely could be more!

While we have been celebrating since the dedication, you can expect more now  that it’s our first anniversary!

Starting with May, which is Better Hearing and Speech Month and includes Take Your Parents to the Playground Day, we added bookmarks, blank books for young authors to create their story and illustrations, and of course, our hand-painted rocks with positive messages, Little Ones Rock Be Rocks from A to Z . Be on the look out for more to come this summer!

BHSM surprises fill our Little Ones Rock Little Free Library Trio!

Little Ones Rock for Better Hearing & Speech Month!

Summer 2018

This summer, we continue to focus on Language, Literacy & Learning with family reading ideas. Watch for our book suggestions, activities that include reading throughout your day, and the benefits of family reading.

YOU are your child’s first teacher!

What Can Parents Do?

Continue to let your children ‘take you to the playground’ engage in play with them at the park, on the playground, and at home. And, read with your children, to your children, alongside your children!

We have joined the Read Aloud organization and support there mission to have family’s Read Aloud 15 minutes. Every child. Every parent. Every day.  


NEWS Featuring the LFLs

Read the article published in the Tallahassee Democrat sharing our Take Your Parents to the Playground event where we highlighted family reading, dedicated our Little Free Library trio, and learned about the importance of play.

Watch our Director and Founder, Lori Savage Grayson, in the dedication video, June 4, 2017.

Are You Concerned About Your Child?

If you are concerned about your child’s speech, language (understanding, speaking, reading, or writing), contact as ASHA* certified, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist experienced in your area(s) of concern.

We are available to answer your questions, so please contact us. 

Lori Savage Grayson, Director/Founder

*American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)