Speech-Language Pathologists & Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Philanthropy Share: CCC Supports Autism Speaks U at FSU

What is Autism Speaks U?

Autism Speaks U (ASU) is a collegiate program that began at Penn State University in 2006 and was nationally launched in 2008. Florida State University (FSU) established their Chapter in the Fall of 2014.

ASU supports students, faculty and alumni in their awareness and fundraising efforts for Autism Speaks. Chapters follow the lead of their Presidents and Vice Presidents, who are made up of students on the spectrum, students who have family members or friends on the spectrum, or students who want to make a difference in the autism community.”

CCC is surrounded in BLUE for Autism Awareness

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Back to School: Childhood Anxiety

As a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), one of the most significant changes I have observed in the lives of the children and families entering this Center’s doors is that more “friends” are arriving with a medical diagnosis of anxiety, the youngest “friend” was three years old. 

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