Back to School: Best Book Lists

Back to School: Best Book Lists

As summer reading ends, soon our children will be deep into their texts books and required reading for the school year.

In addition to their school reading, it is worthy to have a wide range of books available which are based on their choices. With that in mind, this Center has gathered lists of the “best books” from toddler to young adult.

Want to read with me? Photo: LSG

Want to read with me? ~ Photo: LSG

Amazon has compiled lists upon lists. According to their description, this will allow you to “Discover our hand-selected picks of the best new books for kids of all ages. From the top titles each month to our favorites for the season, these are the titles we think are the new tried and true for young readers.”

YES, I do! ~ Photo: PPW

YES, I do! ~ Photo: PPW

Common Sense Media provides lists by age groups as well as suggestions for how to help your children develop a joy of reading.

The Association for Library Service to Children has notable children’s books compiled for your browsing and other lists you can find on their page.

Time has compiled “The 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time” 

Book fairs are wonderful ways to add to your home collection, and here from Scholastic is their list of “100 Greatest Books for Kids” 

Shared family reading creates shared memories! ~ Photo:PPW

Shared family reading creates shared memories! ~ Photo: PPW

The National Education Association shares their “Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children”.

Lest the tweens be wedged in between the toddlers and young adults, here is a 2016 list by Devon Corneal via Brightly, “16 Great Middle Grade Books to Read in 2016”.

Tweens are readers too! Photo: PPW

Tweens are readers too! Photo: PPW

And do not forget J.K. Rowling’s newest installment in the Harry Potter series: “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two” which I know many readers, of all ages, have already started!

More books for teens from Goodreads can be found here.

Books for those who are interested in “Pokemon GO” may also like these 14 books, which are not necessarily related to the game, suggested by Laura Arnhold via Brightly and found here.

Tom Burns developed a lists on Brightly, for children and parents who are fond of  playing Minecraft and is shared here.

The search for lists could go on forever, so once you read through our lists, be sure to explore with your child by searching on your own.

Whether you choose a hardback, paperback, or e-book, read with your child, read to your child and make reading a family activity…it’s a win-win!

Don’t forget to include magazines and cookbooks in your child’s reading tools. Focus on their interests and they will surprise you with their reading!

Be sure to follow our Back to School Series and contact us with any questions about how Speech-Language Pathology services may help your child with reading and writing and school success.

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10/05/2016 Addendum: Best Book for Children and Young Adults for October by

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