Back to School: Welcoming New Families

Back to School: Welcoming New Families

Children’s Communication Center, under the direction and ownership of Lori Savage Grayson, is welcoming new families who are seeking high quality, well mananged, and professional Speech-Language Pathology services, including our Corporate Speech and Communication Services. 

If you are interested in individualized SLP services or are looking for a small group setting, let us know now! We are currently coordinating small social communication groups for this fall semester.

Welcome to our home!

We are thrilled that our new summer families will continue as school begins and look forward to welcoming more families this fall!


As always, the Center’s after school appointments are highly desirable and limited in number. SLP services during the educational day or within the home or community settings will be considered if deemed appropriate.

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*For a limited time, new families may contact this Center to be considered for a Fall Special available August to December. Eligible families will benefit from a “special pricing” of up to 25% off when scheduling for three or more months of weekly services. Learn more about possible funding options for SLP services at this Center.

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