A Day in the Life of This SLP: Heartfelt

A Day in the Life of This SLP: Heartfelt

To say this special friend stole my heart the first time we locked eyes is a fact. His big brown eyes focused intently as he squished his face up close to mine and our noses touched. At that moment, we communicated through our eyes. It is true that our eyes are the windows to our souls and on that day, ours bonded.

Well, and I had a toy bus that he wanted to speed around the house! 

Just this past week, his Mom reminded me that one of the first objectives we worked on was his saying “yes” to get that bus.

Fast forward…

I could hear the joy and pride in his Mom’s “voice” through her written words to me and tears filled my eyes as I soaked in her happiness.

One day, we will share more about our story, but today, it is about this fabulous phrase, “Call Grandpa!”.

A heartfelt day in the life of This SLP,


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