Take Your Parents to the Playground Day is HERE!

Take Your Parents to the Playground Day is HERE!

Celebrating Language, Literacy & Learning…

Join us this Sunday, June 4th at 1:00 pm as we dedicate 3 Little Free Library units to the children, parents & families of our Tallahassee community.

This is a free & public event with activities highlighting language, literacy & learning! 

You Are Invited


The Story Behind Our Event

“Literacy is supported by a child’s early language development, and the two go hand-in-hand to build a strong foundation for learning and academic success,” said Grayson.

We are thrilled to dedicate the Little Free Library to the children, parents and families of our community highlighting the importance of reading together from infancy on up!

Since language is the foundation for literacy, we are sharing this event where children can learn a love for words and have an avenue for continued availability to books and reading with the Little Free Library.”

Two shelf Amish Little Free Library trying out books before painting! Photo: CCC/LSG

Share a Book & Borrow a Book

As you visit the Winthrop Park playground, please be sure to visit our libraries!

Borrow a book and share a book!

If you have large donations, contact us and we will house them for distribution during year.

A heart-filled & exciting (many) days in the life of This SLP,
Lori Savage Grayson

Many Thanks to…

Our Take Your Parents to the Playground Day event & dedication of our Little Free Library units to the children and families of our community was a success because of our creative, supportive, and talented  Team!

Much appreciation to Zachary R.S. Grayson, our Social Media/Technical Adviser, Brianna Barnabee, our PR consultant, and Andrew S. Grayson, my irreplaceable “silent partner”, Thank You All!!

We’d also like to thank the City of Tallahassee’s Parks & Recreation Department and Friends of Our Parks Foundation for their interest and support in this Center’s donation of the Little Free Library located at Winthrop Park’s playground. Your sturdy installation will surely keep our libraries safe & secure. Thank you all for your support and efforts on our behalf.

Thank you to the Tallahassee Democrat for featuring our event in this full article highlighting the day’s events!