Guess Who’s Going to E3 2017?!

Guess Who’s Going to E3 2017?!

A Childhood Dream

A reflection by Zachary Grayson June 10, 2017

The past month since graduation has been great! I’ve traveled every weekend and have been taking full advantage of having free time while I can.

Today I’m heading to Los Angeles for the next 11 days to go to Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, E3, and tour!

A Long, Long Time Ago…

In the 5th grade, our teachers told us to draw where we wanted to be in 10 years, or something along those lines.

I drew a picture of my brother and me going to E3.

Where will I be? At E3 with my brother!


While I’m two years off of the 10 year mark, it’s close enough!

LA and E3 here I come!

My Art

My art has been on a shelf since I made it. I called my parents from the airport to ask them to find it and take pictures for me to share on Facebook. All these years, sitting on a shelf and here I am following my dream.

Where will I be? At E3 with my brother. Part 2

Children’s Communication Center

Beyond the obvious excitement, I am traveling with my new businesses cards and proud to officially be the Social Media and Technical Adviser for Children’s Communication Center!

The Center is a Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) private practice established in 1993 primarily for young children, however, it has expanded to young adults to meet the needs of the community.

My new business cards!

It is time for me to explore more options for the children, teens, and young adults seen at our Center. I knew my high school English research papers on the benefits of video games for learning were right! Now let’s get a list of video games to use with our SLP friends!

Wait till you see my E3 ‘shopping list’ for the Center, it’s going to be long!


Guess Who?

Guess Who We Found? 6/13/17, E3


April 27, 2018

Re-posting as the anticipation of E3 2018 begins!