Little Ones Rock

Little Ones Rock


As summer rounds the corner to greet the fast approaching back to school calendar, Children’s Communication Center (CCC) is thrilled to begin our #LittleOnesRock campaign.

We believe this popular summer activity will ease our little ones into their new routine giving them “something” to anticipate while looking for words from A to Z.

#LittleOnesRock Photo: CCC/LSG

While I knew about rock painting, my interest increased after a heart decorated rock was left in our newly dedicated Little Free Library (LFL) at Winthrop Park’s playground. The library was only a few weeks old and we were gifted this heart, how sweet!

Thank you for our heart rock you gifted our LFL. Photo: CCC/ASG

After the gifted rock appeared, I took to Facebook to read and learn about the Tallahassee Rock group.

As is protocol, I shared a photo of the gifted heart rock to the #TLHrocks Facebook page, left the rock for a little one to discover, and invited my husband, Andrew, to begin a new fun project of painting some rocks.

Without hesitation, he was on his way to visit the local stores to purchase paint pens, rocks, sealer and we started! Recently, we purchased extra fine tipped pens online.

Rocks & paints for our #BeRocks Photo: CCC/LSG

Naturally, this idea expanded to rock painting with my Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) friends as it is the “thing” to do this summer. I could easily match each child’s rock project with their SLP goals and objectives…and of course, it’s fun!

And from there it blossomed into a campaign dedicated to our little ones because yes, they rock!

Who are the CCC little ones?

They are the MANY children who entered our “doors” these past 24 years, those we will meet in the future, and the children who are interwoven into all our lives.

Little ones are why I established Children’s Communication Center in July 1993! Now, heading into year 25, I reflect on the toddlers who are now adults, the second generation of little ones who visit me, and so many valuable lessons learned.

And, so it begins…

CCC’s first #LittleOnesRock theme is dedicated to all that our little ones can Be.

So no surprise, we will start with #BeRocks to express concepts that will fill our little ones (and others) with inspiration, positive thinking, encouragement, and imagination.

We want each little one to embody the concept, therefore, some words are nouns, some are verbs, and some are adjectives.

#BeBRAVE little one Photo: CCC/LSG

#BeBRAVE, now my concept rock, happened one night while I was watching my husband creatively paint some of our first set of rocks. On the table surrounded by much larger rocks was this significantly smaller rock waiting patiently for its turn to be painted.

Some say, each rock tells its own story. I would have to agree. This tiny rock represents not only being BRAVE, but being that which is BRAVE and passing it on to others.

The #BeRocks are almost done! They span the alphabet from #AtoZ with words generated by the Center’s little ones, older friends (as they are someone’s little one), parents, grandparents, community professionals, and our family & friends.

Now, some details about our campaign…

Each day we will feature a letter of the alphabet by sharing photos of the rocks with words highlighting the letter of the day. We will post each day for 26 days on our social media. Then our friends and their families will distribute our #BeRocks through the community by placing them in a variety of locations.

We will be following guidelines similar to those pinned on the  #TLHrocks Facebook page which explains location options, placement considerations, and safety. We will be sharing more about guidelines in subsequent posts.

Remember, this is not a scavenger hunt. You will find our #BeRocks in locations where you would naturally travel with your little ones. 

A second purpose…

It will not surprise any one who knows me that this campaign has a second focus, that of language, literacy, and learning.

Our little ones will benefit and “rock” even more after expanding their understanding and use of our #BeRocks words and concepts.

Special tip, synonyms are one of the best ways to increase your little one‘s vocabulary…So, grab your thesaurus!

Stay tuned for more details and join on our Little Ones Rock event on Facebook!

We will be sharing here, on our webpage, on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We invite you to add your LIKE/FOLLOW to our social media pages and participate in our #LittleOnesRock campaign.

As always, each new LIKE/FOLLOW to our Facebook and Instagram will have a book donated to our Little Free Library as a Thank You!

Last, some rock painting history…

After beginning this campaign, I learned of the Word Rocks Project through our Little Free Library friends. “Word Rocks Project is the first rock project ever and has been touching so many hearts and changing lives for the past six years! Join us and be a kindness ninja too!”

To which I reply, YES, I am ready to “be a kindness ninja!”.

Are you?

If you would like to participate with us, contact us!

A rocking day in the Life of This SLP,